Lawn care business flyer response rates.

Have you been handing out flyers to try and promote your spring lawn care business services and not getting the response you thought you would be getting? There could be many reasons why this happens. Could it be your headline? Or maybe even your offer? Let’s look into this.

A Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum member wrote us “I’ve put out approx. 1500 flyers and have only had 1, maybe 2 calls. I’m offering a month free with an annual agreement and have put a list of all the things we do on the flyer. What is going on?”

Tianna suggested ” WOW!! A month free?!?!?! That’s crazy that people aren’t calling and two that you would offer that! LOL

Keep your head up the business will come!! I normally get 1% to 2% call backs on fliers. Even though I’m just starting too out I think that’s the norm. My only suggestion would be this…and it might sound crazy so hang in there with me.

If it seems that most people are only getting a 1% to 2% call back on fliers…maybe you should put out less fliers at a time BUT put them out more often. I started putting fliers out the middle of Jan and I went out 4 times(once each weekend) I put out between 200 and 300 fliers each time(about a large subdivision worth), but I got about 1 to 2 calls each time. All that said I got 9 customers from that, and I only put out around 1000 fliers. I’m up to 13 customers so far the rest I got from referrals.

I am also participating in a Women’s Conference here at Ft. Benning where I live. It’s a sold out event and there will be 300 people there and about 20 vendors. So I’ve been prepping for that. Since the majority of the guest will be women at the conference I had gift certificates printed good for one lawn service. I figured that would be a good gift to give there husbands…fathers day is coming up…or even themselves…a lot of units are deployed right now so that means no husband to cut the yard. I put the price of $45 on there and will have one displayed at the table…that gives me a little wiggle room…just in case I may need to take 10% off.”

Brad: “I’m distributing about 2,000 fliers a week. There are so many neighborhoods where I am at that even at the rate, I won’t be able to get everyone in my coverage area. Interestingly enough, my only new business lately has come from a yard sign I placed at a busy off-ramp on a major highway coming out of Philiadelphia… give that a shot!

I hit each house one time each. It’s just not physically possible to hit a house a second or third time. Although, I’ve been thinking about hiring someone to also help me distribute them out. The only problem with that is all my fliers have different prices on them. I put them accordingly on houses which I would charge that specific amount.”

Justin: “You can’t just sit there at the phone waiting for people to call. I’ve got people that called me last summer to do a fall cleanup and they originally had my 1st flier from when I started my business 3 years ago! They held onto the flyer for that long! Some people/customers actually take your flyer and think about it.”

DJ: “Here is your solution . . .

  1. Stop advertising price you could be scaring potential customers away that you could up sell.
  2. Multiple exposures are the only way to do direct mailing.
  3. Example for number two - Husband gets my pressure washing flyer and says ah yes the house is dirty. The door bell rings, he gets distracted and he sits the flyer down. He comes back to the couch and looks for the ad ? Oh well lets see whats on tv.
  4. ****While at the door the wife comes through cleaning and in the trash your flyer goes **** BYE BYE
  5. Next week he gets another flyer from me. “Oh that’s the company I needed to clean my house *ring ring* “Thank you for calling ABC Power Washing and Lawn Care how can I make your life easier?”
  6. The rest is history!!!!

MULTIPLE EXPOSURE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO TRUST ME . . .. Find a nice little mailing list of local potential customer addresses so you can go door 2 door as well. Shoot for around 1k and mail the hell out of them.


If you don’t believe me google direct mail marketing and read some articles they will all say you need to do 4 -7 mailings to get full results.”

Brad: “Thanks for the advice! Ive been thinking for weeks now whether or not to include a price on my flyer. Generally, I post fliers out at night; I rarely ever get a good view of the backyard, so I just estimate or “guesstimate” in my case.

I created a new flyer with a template that I think I found on this site. There are 2 on a page, so I get them printed out at Staples- $11.25 for 150 copies, which gives me 300 fliers. They cut them in half for an extra 2 bucks.”

If you would like to download Brad’s sample lawn care business flyer visit this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.

Lawn Care Business Flyer

Lawn Care Business Flyer

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