Lawn care advertising idea that stood out.

Have you ever been out mowing properties around town when you saw an interesting marketing method being utilized? It seems more often than not, marketing messages just don’t seem to stand out enough. But in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one entrepreneur saw a method that really caught his eye and he shared with us what that was.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I saw something yesterday while leaving a job site for lunch that really caught my eye.

We have all seen those fold up signs the realtors use, they are about 3 feet high and 2 feet across, generally advertising an open house. Well yesterday I saw one that said ‘We are in your area pressure washing. Call xxx-xxxx for a free quote.’ It was big and it really caught my eye and I was thinking, now that is a super way to advertise.

In my case it could be used to promote:

and probably more but it could include things like lawn mowing, leaf clean up etc. I should have taken a picture but was in traffic, if I see them again I will. I personally think it was very effective and I don’t know why others haven’t employed that lawn care marketing strategy yet. I see so much advertising that it takes something pretty special to get my attention and this did it.

The first sign was at the entrance to the subdivision which is off a fairly busy street. Then about three blocks in I saw another. My brain was really going. I thought OMG this would blow us away when we start leaf clean ups and here is my thought.

We have lots of work so that is not the issue. I really hate moving one crew to four or five sites in a day as it not only costs money, I have to tie up trailers etc. Why not get two or three jobs in the same subdivision and get two or three of these signs made up. So I did. I contacted a company here that does my truck lettering and they are being made for leaf clean up. They will be 32″ wide and 48″ high. I am getting 12 made. That will be enough for my four crews. Each sign is lettered on both sides.

I think I will add balloons to the signs along with a card holder. For the signs, I used 1/2″ marine plywood with exterior hinges at the top. The printing company will make the signs on an exterior grade almost like a foam core. Then these lettered foam core pieces slide into a track on the wood. The idea is, we can easily change the insert based on the service being performed.

I am willing to bet this is going to bring in massive amounts of business in the same areas. Next year we will do it for pressure washing also.

When it comes to marketing, we do not have to brake the bank, but you need to spend a little money in paint and lettering. The target income earners you want notice this stuff. You can do the best quality work in your area but I have found and I know, people do care about what is parked out front and on their property. So keep your truck, trailer, and equipment looking good too.

Big companies in every industry I know of have an image. We must also if we want to win. If you are not getting calls, something is wrong. Don’t spend a lot of money trying more flyers. Instead start asking your prospects for feedback. You will find that some will be up front and frank with you and it could be some little thing you can change to all of a sudden start getting the calls.”

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