Landscaping upsell letter to send to customers.

Things can be pretty busy at times and you can find yourself very short sighted when this happens. Instead of seeing all the additional work you can get from the current lawn care customer you are services, you may be looking to other customers to increase your profits. As we will see from this discussion in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, you always have to remember to upsell more services to your current customer base. If you forget, here is a lawn care customer letter template you could use to help you sell more.

One landscaper wrote “I am performing wood chipping services in a new subdivision. Currently I have two crews on the job. It all started with one job, then people stopped, and asked for quotes to perform wood chipping on their properties as well. This has since ballooned up to the point where I will have two crews on this street for at least two more weeks which is great as I can leave the equipment on site and cut down on my transportation costs.

Wood Chipper Services

Wood Chipper Services

What is interesting about this specific job and it makes me feel stupid in a way as I am always upselling, is the customer came to me today and asked if we would consider doing his landscaping too. I said of course, wrote up a quote and they accepted. Then I thought geeze we have done 6 people on this street so far and they all need landscaping, so I created an upsell letter I plan on dropping off to the people we finished wood chipping for. I also now have to remember to talk about my other services when we chip at the other customer’s houses. I am not sure what I was thinking, I guess I simply wasn’t thinking and because of that, I could have lost a lot of money!

Since I send invoices and receipts by email, I am also able to email all the locations I have completed this past year as well. I will make sure starting today as we are back on sites that I mention these upsell services to everyone. I sent the following email last evening and have one response already this morning.

Wood chipper services

Wood chipper services

Good Evening xxxxxxxx

On behalf of our company Bob’s Yard Care I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wood cutting and chipping business.

I neglected to introduce you to our other services you may be interested in as a new homeowner. We provide a full range of excavation and landscaping services with references available at your request.

Landscaping can be an expensive venture, for this reason we do two things, being a commercial company we receive volume discounts on sod, organic lawn soil, mulch and organic lawn sprays. We pass the savings on to you, our customers and we break your property down into sections providing you with a detailed quote for each one. This allows our customers to decide which area is priority and within their budget.

I would welcome you to our website at http://www. as with all of our services, estimates are free. If you would like to have an estimate simply fill in the contact information and we will set up a time to meet. We have been in your new subdivision for a few weeks and will continue to be here for at least two more, once our landscaping season starts we group areas together to save on transportation costs which is another savings to you.

Have a great weekend although, even though mother nature has put us back into what seems to be winter weather.

Kind Regards


Always remember to try and upsell additional services. Use this letter template or create your own version of an upsell letter and constantly try to sell more services to the same customer base.”

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