Knucklehead mistakes made by one lawn care business owner.

You can learn a lot of lessons from trial and error. But there are many lessons you would rather know about beforehand so you don’t have to go out and experience them. Here is a great collection of some of those mistakes from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Taking note of these mistakes and avoiding them will help you go a long way in the improvement of your company.

One lawn care business owner wrote “we all do them, KNUCKLE HEAD MISTAKES. These are mistakes we bring upon ourselves by not being careful or mindful of the task at hand. Learning to cut back on them will save us money and more importantly time, and to me, time has always been a little more important than money.

One thing I’ve done before, a lot, did it the other day. Is not having gas containers properly marked or not having them properly secured and capped. How many times have you made a turn and started smelling gas. The first two or three times I did it, it wasn’t until later that I noticed I had spilled one of my containers (the one with the lid that was ‘modified’ so I didn’t have to press down on it to use). By the fourth and fifth time I smelled gas, I knew right away what it was. Each time it was an easy $7 @ $3 a gallon plus $3 for a couple ounces of oil mix, plus my time, not to mention running out of fuel because I had spilled most of it.

I finally stopped and got me a milk crate from a local nursery and put the fuel containers in it. That helps a lot except when I’m running over railroad tracks!

Other knuckle head mistakes I’ve made:

  • Getting to a job site and forgetting a key to the mower.
  • Or forgetting a whole other piece of equipment you need.
  • Not having enough bags.
  • Not getting proper directions or contact numbers.
  • Misplacing the keys to the tool shed.. shake my head over that one still.
  • Forgetting or not using safety glasses. How expensive and time consuming can that be?
  • Even simple things like being in a rush when I don’t have to be can cost dearly. Ever broken a light, ripped out plug or busted trailer hitch trying to unhook or hook up in a hurry?
  • I’ve had to replace two trailer tires from taking turns too sharp or too fast and hitting a ditch or culvert.

There are so many things we can do to use our time more efficiently and reduce the stress of KNUCKLE HEAD MISTAKES! So take it from me. Patience and being extra careful at all times may not pay but it sure will save! To minimize KNUCKLE HEAD MISTAKES just take a little more time with your prep work. Prepping is 60 percent of the job.”

A second lawn care business owner said “not scouting out an accessible restroom location before starting work in an unfamiliar area can be a mistake.

Another mistake I had made was not locking my line trimmer and my leaf blower up when I went in to eat for 30 minutes. That was all it took for some thief to drive by and help himself to hundreds of dollars of my equipment.

The biggest mistake I ever made though nd I mean HUGE, was one time I was heading home after a job. I didn’t lock the mechanism on my ratchet strap securing my mower to the trailer. I turned a corner and heard a crash. I looked back wondering ‘what in the hell? Couldn’t have been my mower cause I still see the steering controls, wa….wai…wait… it IS my mower! WHERE IN THE HELL is it GOING?!?!?!’

As my mower, thankfully landed upright, is steadily cruising to the shoulder of the road. Man was I PISSED when I realized what I did, not to mention the embarrassment of the situation!”

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