Is it worthwhile trying to sell snow blower services?

Getting into the snow removal business can be cheap if you just start with a shovel, but can get expensive when you look to buy a snow plow truck and a snow plow. So it may make some wonder if there is a middle ground? Maybe buying a snow blower could be an in-between way worth experimenting with? That is what one entrepreneur was interested in knowing when he wrote on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum looking for advice on the best way to go.

One lawn care business owner wrote “how can you get snow removal jobs with a snow blower jobs and is it worthwhile to do so? I am 41 years old now. 15 or 20 years ago I would take a snow shovel out would not come back until I had $250 - $300 in my pocket. I was was a lot stronger then but now I am wiser. I am getting a new snow blower because I have a big drive and it kills me to shovel it. I plan on putting flyers out for my services and calling on businesses in my area. Any other ideas are welcome.”

Snow Blower Flyer Template

Snow Blower Flyer Template

A second lawn care business owner said “if you’re interested in getting snow blower work, I should tell you a story on what to expect.

I finally got my flyers out and received calls from many people interested in my snow removal services. I named the price and they accepted.

Keeping one step ahead of the snow wasn’t too bad, though eventually when it came that’s when I wanted to kick myself. I thought offering snow blowing services was a great idea, and wondered how come no one else was doing it? I see everyone with a snow plows, weird.

Well the fact is, even the best snow blowers tend to become useless when needed the most. That’s when I realized that shoveling was more efficient and my back was more reliable. I had a smile on my face when the day was booked with 25 clients, though when I stopped at my first customer, I never realized how aggravating this service was.

Snow blowers (commercial even) can’t remove wet snow, heavy snow, compacted snow. They can’t even scrape the driveway clean, they leave a good few inches, though a quick pass with the shovel will do the job.

I also faced a new challenge when I realized the above. My customers would call me to remove the snow the city plows have left at the end of their driveway. I thought this was a great thing! I was wrong. I went with a shovel and snow blower. Both these items were useless.

I went to my garage and brought my pickaxe and 2 bags of salt. Already I’m losing money I thought.

So I was there all day breaking the compacted snow and ice. When I couldn’t break anymore, I’d toss on the salt and … WAIT & WAIT & WAIT. Eventually I was able to clear the mess and get the job done.

If you want to run a successful snow blower service, I suggest you visit each customer 3x or more.

  • At the start of the snowfall.
  • In the middle of the snowfall.
  • At the end of the snowfall.
  • And also after the city plows have passed your customers driveway.

If you wait and try to do it all in one shot, you will be there forever and find yourself more annoyed.  You will have to be fast, harder working than most companies and restless.

I also recommend having a backup snow blower, an hour delay can make a difference from having an alright profit to a loss. I suggest that if you start this service to keep an extremely tight route. I mean if you can get all your customers on one street, that’s the only way I can see it work to your benefit.

Good luck!”

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