Is it too late to get into snow plowing?

There are times when situations present themselves unplanned and you have to react quickly to them. It’s great to be able to plan everything out in advance, but what if winter came and you found yourself needing more money than you had planned on. What if you were into the winter seasons by a few snow falls and felt it was just too late to start offering snow plowing services. The question presented onto the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum is if it is ever too late to get started?

One lawn care business owner wrote “I want to get into offering snow plowing but I feel like it is just too late for me to start up for myself, sadly. I really don’t believe I have a chance in snow removal this late in the season. I feel like even missing the first two days into the plowing season for snow is A LOT.

My area is competition wonderland and after that first snow storm the competition seems to have everyone signed up. For those who didn’t hire a snow removal service for winter, I’m iffy about offering my services too. To me, it only means they didn’t want to pay.

Next year for sure I want to get into it. I wish I could figure out some other business to start for now, winter is so damn long. No idea what to do.”

A second lawn care business owner said “how is this any different than picking up new lawn mowing customers several weeks into the mowing season? I mean, isn’t your snow removal season about as long or longer than your lawn mowing season? I think if you keep your eyes, ears, and mind open you are almost sure to get some customers. For example, think about your current lawn care customers. You have a great advantage with them because you already know them and have a working relationship. Why not give each one of them a call or a visit and see if they would hire you to remove their snow?”

A third added “it’s never too late. Buy a tractor with a blower, bucket, or plow and do it. You will make a fortune. We sub-contract ours out. We have around 160 places we look after. I do 16 of them as they are close.

What I have learned over the years is when you have a tractor, all this stuff you would normally be doing manually will be out the window and you will start making some real cash.

Finding clients should be like picking apples from a tree during apple season. Shake the tree and watch the apples fall. Last storm I received 39 calls and I don’t even advertise it anywhere or mention it. I am sure there is just as many in the business here as there and we get about the same amount of snow or more.

Many new guys will try plowing each winter and yes they will have clients. But will they do a job that will meet the clients expectations? Clients can be patient but everyone has a button and after a few storms where the expectation hasn’t been met, guess what? They are going to go elsewhere for snow removal services. Are you ready and can they find you? When they do, are you ready to go or do you have the equipment ready to be purchased to do the job? Being a success is all about planning, watching, marketing, and asking prospects questions. I don’t bat an eye at asking a prospect, tell me what it would take to get your business? It might be something so simple it would make you laugh inside. Offer it, then you have them. I have done this for years and it works and works well.”

A fourth shared “last year, I went through the same thing. I got started late and threw out some feelers late in the season. I was unsure of what I wanted to do as I still had a day job and everyone here has a plow or blower. That is all you see on the roads.

I started getting the word out and started getting responses. Then contracts and all I had at the time was a snow blower, roof rake, and a shovel, so I went out and bought a new plow for my truck and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

Just let people know what your doing, because somebody is always looking for someone to handle their snow removal services. Just like in lawn care, you need to get the word out.

I looked a some jobs yesterday that the other providers had been dropped for what ever reason. So maybe you can pick up some of the customers that may soon be dropping the outfits in your area.”

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