If you get sick, what will happen to your lawn care business?

The vast majority of lawn care businesses that exist are solo operations. What I mean by this is that they are a one man show. There are good sides to running your operation like this because it’s easy to get started and you get to keep all the profit. There are downsides too. The big one is, what will happen to your lawn care business if you get sick? That’s a topic we discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and we learned quite a bit about planning from it.

A lawn care business owner wrote “how many of you guys running solo have a back up plan if something were to happen to you like an accident or sickness and you could not service your lawn accounts?

I have been solo most of my lawn care career because I still have a full time job. A few years back, my lawn care business grew to about 25 customers, which is a lot for a guy working 50 hours a week at another job. A friend of mine who also ran his own lawn care business part time, would help me out from time to time.

We ended up knowing each others’ lawn accounts and to this day help each other out if needed. Now I find myself in a similar situation except this time, not with mowing, but roto-tilling, landscaping and other services that I grew to offer. I am leaning towards going full time with my lawn care business now especially if the organic fertilization services I started offering begins to take off the way I think it will. Luckily I have my 2 sons to help me out now.

My point is : If your gonna remain solo, have someone trained to help you out in case of emergency. Have a back up plan.”

Another lawn care business owner shared “I have three real good friends who also own their own lawn care businesses. We help each other out when needed such as with vacations, sick days, or when we get behind in mowing like I did this past week. With all the rain we received recently, we got behinds in our lawn accounts so we helped each other out. I helped my friend land a package account (7 stores) for a major restaurant chain. I don’t have the time to do this account just yet so he has it now. At the end of every month he comes by and donates some greenbacks to my account for my equipment repairs.”

What advice would you have for putting something together where you could have an emergency plan like this in place for when you need it?

“I would suggest having someone trained like a helper or family member. What also works well is having another lawn care business owner help you out. Of course it has to be someone you can trust. A good friend of mine who is also in the business helps me out with bigger landscape projects as well as mowing especially when I get behind because of rain. He has all my accounts on his GPS and I have all of his. What’s really cool is we both have 2 son’s that can help us as well. We also refer work to one another.

At one time, together we almost bought out a larger lawn care company and were gonna go into business together but decided against it and I am glad we did. Anyway I think if your running solo you better have a back up plan or your business could go down hill fast.”

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