I am thinking of using a fake co-owner to deal with my lawn care customers.

There are many ways to deal with issues you will run into during your day. Some owners may choose to handle their problems head on while others may choose to find a way to hide from them. Think for a moment about how you handle your lawn care customer and business issues. Does your method work or are you looking for a better way? Here is a discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that talks about different methods for handling stressful business situations.

One lawn care business owner wrote “my customers have been frustrating the hell out of me lately so I came up with a way to deal with it. I created a new co-owner. While my tasks include labor, my new fictitious co-owner is in charge of reminding clients by email of payments due. Also, responding to any incoming emails.

He takes the heat, while I get to be the nice guy who doesn’t agree with his methods. Most of the time, however, whatever he says must be done. The unfortunate thing is, ‘He’ is just an email account.

I have a two friends with two separate businesses who do this same thing and that is where I got the idea. I figured it would be interesting to try it out. From what I have heard from those who have done it, apparently it makes it easier to tackle most situations. You don’t have to be the nice guy all the time, you can finally be blunt and get the point across without being the main target. It’s interesting.

I’m improvising more this year and trying new things to see what would be beneficial to a my company. It’s worth every cent so far. You may not all have the same clients as I do, though for those who are just as unlucky, I will let you know how this goes.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “I like the general idea ,but what’s going to happen when a homeowner tries to actually talk to this co-owner and he doesn’t exist? it just seems like it could blow up in somebodies face one day. Why not hire an account manager to handle billing, payment, and customer issues? That might be an even better to way to handle things.”

A third added “I do not use any false names for phone, email, or otherwise. Though I have been considering hiring my wife as a partner to handle all these issues. She is the closest thing I have to a partner and outside of work, she tends to think she’s the decision maker anyhow.”

A fourth said “I never thought of using a fictional character. I tell people how it is straight out. Either they agree or disagree. I know I can’t please everyone and 9 out of 10 times the issue is resolved and everyone is happy. I do sleep fine at night.

I don’t stress over a lawn care customer complaining about stupid crap. My grass wasn’t cut short enough is a famous one I get a lot. When I hear that, I simply tell them, if you want it shorter, hire the kid down the street to scalp it for you. I do not scalp lawns. It’s not healthy for the lawn. Then I explain the consequences of scalping and they usually listen and realize I know what I am talking about.

When you handle issues as they come at you throughout the day, you won’t need a fictitious co-owner, you also won’t take all that stress home with you at the end of the day. Everything is dealt with and you can move on to the next day.

If you find yourself so stressed out that you need to create fake employees, take a weekend and think about why. Then resolve those issues and you will begin to enjoy your business a lot more.”

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