I am getting more gutter cleaning calls.

There are some services your landscaping business might be asked to offer, which you haven’t offered yet. One of those services is gutter cleaning. If you aren’t afraid to get a little dirty and work on a ladder, there is some good money to be made when your mowing jobs are slow. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we get some insight into how to perform the work and how to charge for the service depending on a number of variables you will be presented with.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have had a few people contact me about gutter cleaning and I have stayed away but the calls are increasing. I am not one for ladders and heights but you gotta give them what they want so I am thinking about it offering it. I was wondering though if you guys offer this and if so what do you charge for your average size house? If I do offer it, should I look into adding this service to my insurance coverage?”

A second lawn care business owner said “I do a lot of gutter work. I don’t have a problem with it when the gutters are under two stories. Three stories or more and I send my roofing friend. He already works for me so its not subbed out.

From my experience, I’d say avoid all those gutter cleaning attachments you can add to a leaf blower or garden hose. None of that works worth a darn. The best way to remove leaves from gutters is with hand or a scoop. It’s also twice as fast if you can stand on the roof.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Cleaning Services

When I charge customers, I shoot for $1 per linear foot for a single story building. There is an extra charge if I will be working near power lines, or will need to use my 40 ft ladder, etc. You can charge $50-75 a hour easily.

If a 40 ft ladder is involved. I try to add $75-$200 to the total. They are very hard to handle by yourself so a second man might be needed. When you are near power line with a ladder you need a fiberglass ladder and you will be working a lot slower for safety reason.

If the roof is steep I’ll clean from the ladder. It works just as good but takes longer since you have to keep moving the ladder.

While you are on site, you can also up sell gutter guards and charge to install them. You’re already there and it only takes a short amount of time to install once you are up there cleaning.

As far as insurance goes, I would say it all depends on your policy. Ask your agent for specifics.”

A third shared “if you have an employee on a roof they MUST wear a safety harness attached to an anchor with a 5,000 lbs working load limit. I always climb on the roof too clean gutters unless there is a crazy pitch. I also use a safety harness and blower. I clean gutters on an average house in under 35 minutes with ground clean-up this way. I generally also bring my pressure washer on such jobs and tell the customer I can wash the sides of their house for an extra fee.

Cleaning gutters takes some getting use to but working on roofs isn’t that bad. If the customer won’t let you nail a harness attachment into their roof, which is often the case, tie off to your truck or a tree or both. When you tie off use a Bowline with a Yosemite finish, it is an approved personal safety knot. I really don’t care much for gutter cleaning but dollar bills are dollar bills and it is a way to bring in extra cash during the slower mowing months.”

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