How would your lawn care business compare to this one?

Every lawn care business is different, just like every business owner is different. Some are out there doing the bare bones minimum and getting paid only a bare bones minimum price. But there are others who take their lawn care business to a new level. A very competitive and professional level. I am very happy to have gotten a chance to talk with this lawn care business owner, at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, about his operation because I think it will help you improve your game.

How would your lawn care company compare

How would your lawn care company compare

He wrote “I used to use a walker style Toro which could only bag and not mulch. Now with my new 60″ Toro I pull up next to other companies with just 1 other guy. These companies often have 3 employees and usually are already there when we come.

Toro lawn mower striping kit

Toro lawn mower striping kit

We mow, and leave before they are done and our lawns look better hands down. There are only 2 companies in town who use stripers. My lawn care company is one of them. This is one of the ways my business stands out. I hope to gain a much higher customer base this coming season because last year we were seen all over town making lawns look amazing with the 60″ toro. I am confident that this season will be an awesome one!

Lawn Mowing Stripes

Lawn Mowing Stripes

Toro makes a different striper that only fit on Toro’s. In my opinion they are the best because they have a lever next to your E-brake which allows you to lower and raise the striper and it is spring loaded. My mower stripes darker than anything I’ve ever seen. I have it on the lowest setting. It’s a solid metal bar and comes with brackets to attach to your anti-scalp wheels. The bar becomes one big anti-scalp mechanism. No more scalping over tops of hills with this.

When I mow a lawn all season, I start out by mowing it the same direction the first 2 times. This is all after de-thatching is done. I mow in only 2 directions for about 8-10 visits, and then I go a new way leaving those to pop through for a few weeks. I will alternate back and forth on a 10 visit ratio with only 2 angles to choose from at a time.”

Ok so on your first visit you de-thatch? Then you mow the same direction for two visits. When you say you mow only 2 directions for about 8-10 visits do you mean to create the stripes? How does that differ from the first two visits you make when you go the same direction?

Then you go a new way? Like maybe the opposite diagonal?

“Picture this: I mow straight with the house for 2 visits to leave some dark bold stripes. After that, I mow horizontal with the house. I alternate between these 2 ways for about 8-10 visits. Then about halfway through the summer, I stop going those ways and I begin going diagonal. Because my mower is so heavy, being a full size z master, it would leave tire ruts if I went 2 ways all season. Alternating between 4 angles at once usually doesn’t allow them to pop out as much.

All my lawns still have stripes in the winter just because I always go over the exact same stripes with no overlap. I see many companies who overlap over old lines and they end up making a mess.”

I think you have fantastic results! How do you feel you are able to leverage these results with your marketing to promote your services? How do you feel you use this to stand out?

“I have a welcome kit that has different sections. In the maintenance section, I make a point about the turf striper and the “ball park” appearance on any lawn. A lot of customer’s say they like the “lines” the mower makes. It pretty much speaks for itself. At nighttime, all the houses I mow are eye popping. Like black and white stripes under the moonlight. Stripers will definitely make your work stand out.”

What sections do you suggest a new lawn care business owner include in their welcome kit?

“Welcome kits should include different sections for all the services you offer. Combine pictures with facts and offers in small paragraphs. Here is a sample of one below below.”

Lawn care customer welcoming kit

Lawn care customer welcoming kit

That is fantastic. Now would that be the welcome letter you include? Do you also include brochures on the services you mentioned like the aeration and de-thatching?

“That’s just one page of the 8 page welcome letter. I do not have pages for aeration and de-thathching. I give a broad description of services and they know they can call me for a free estimate anytime, and I will always be happy to meet with people, as well as return their calls within an hour usually.

I don’t really think I need to put all the services in great detail. I also have pages for hardscape, excavation, softscape, and snow removal.

The welcome kit front page is a brief paragraph thanking them for choosing my company, followed by a paragraph about myself and the history and outlook of the company.The front page should include a mission statement with a short bio about you and your company. Your logo as well”

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