How to keep wet grass from clogging your lawn mower.

There are many simple tricks of the trade you can pick up over time as you are in the lawn care industry longer. Most of these tips would be a lot better to know if you could learn them early on. Here is a great tip from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that should help you get through a day of mowing wet grass without having to constantly stop and unclog all the grass that tends to clump up under your deck.

One Lawn care business owner shared “as many of us know, mowing wet grass sometimes is unavoidable especially when you have a packed schedule. So here is a little tip/secret I use to keep grass from clogging and sticking to under side of my lawn mower deck. This process is fairly cheap and simple, costing approximately $10 to $20.

1. disconnect spark plug wire for safety, raise mower.
2. pressure wash and clean underside of deck.
3. take a scotch brite or piece of sand paper and scrub to get any loose paint/grass removed.
4. let dry and apply a light layer of primer ( I use rustoleum auto primer $3.00 a can).
5. purchase a can of “duplicolor truck bed liner” (aerosol can works best) $7.00 -9.00 a can.
6. spray on good medium to heavy coat and let it dry (15-20 min).
7. spray another light coat to give a little texture.
8. after paint has completely dried, spray a nice layer of fluid film or liquid wrench dry lubricant over paint.

That liner will normally last the whole season and then some the fluid film/liquid wrench can be reapplied as needed. I normally reapply it once in morning and then again mid-day depending on wetness and thickness of grass.

I also have attached screw in hose fitting to my decks so at the end of day I can attach a water hose to it and run blades. It will pretty much clean itself. These attachments can be purchased from your local mower dealer and may come stock on some of the newer mowers.”

lawn mower hose connector

lawn mower hose connector

A second lawn care business owner said “I use two coats of Mow Deck spray. One coat of bed liner, held approx 12-14 inches away. After 1st initial coat of fluid film or dry lubricant you should only have to redo every couple of weeks. I do it every week after I clean my equipment but it should last longer.

These tips should help you streamline your mowing and get your jobs done faster, even when it is wet outside.”

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