How to harness the power of social networking to gain new lawn care customers.

If you lack money to spend on your lawn care marketing efforts, don’t worry you are not alone. You also have a lot of methods you can utilize that don’t require money, but will require a little of your time. Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum on how you can go out into your community and find new customers with little to no financial cost. As you gain more customers and have less time to socially interact, then you can look into paying for other marketing techniques.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I left the lawn business last summer to pursue what I thought was a promising carrer in the family business. Well as of Christmas, I’m averaging about $1,000 short of income each month this past year. On the bright side, I did get a killer deal on buying a house but with that, I am now struggling to make the payments…uuuuggghhhh!!!!!

So anyways, I’m going to start my lawn business up again. I guess the only way to get my business up and running is to do lots of fliers and advertise on craigslist. Hopefully this will work because I have ZERO money to spend on any further marketing. Fliers are going to have to be printed on my computer until I run out of ink. Does anyone else have some low cost lawn care marketing suggestions I might want to try?”

A second business owner said “you need to harness social networking. Social networking trumps all other forms of marketing. It always will because you either know the person you are trying to sell to or they are a friend of a friend. You simply can’t beat that marketing and you will close more sales because of the relationship.

I know many of us are working during our downtime on many projects and ideas which is great. But here are some ways you may want to utilize your time to gain more lawn care customers. If your social network is small, may I suggest you start attending something like the local Bingo hall. Those places are packed with the age group we want to hit for lawn care as they have nothing to do, so this is how they meet each other. It’s worth a try to gain new customers and you might have some fun doing it. How about getting involved with the local bowling league? You get to meet a lot of older people there as well. If one is finding themselves sitting at home and glued to a game or TV, I think something like this would be a start.

If you have kids, they will have friends, have you talked to their parents? I do and they all know about my company and yes it brings in business.

Do you perhaps have a dog that you take for a walk. Dogs love meeting other dogs. Do you keep business cards in your pocket??? I started doing this as I wanted a few more snow removal jobs very close to home. I did it work and it sure did work. Some said they had a snow blower or whatever but Joe down the street needs someone. Great, may I ask for his address and may I mention that you and I talked? We all carry some type of cell phone, after you part ways, stop and put the information in.

How about community events, do you wear a company jacket or hat or something? Is your vehicle parked where it will get lots of attention?

How about the local barber you go to? Good lord, he knows everyone and everything about them. Ever mention to him that you were looking to either expand your business or looking at adding a service? Ask him what people complain about and then sit back as they generally have lots to say.”

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