How to get your first commercial lawn care customer.

If you are a newer lawn care business owner who hasn’t made the jump yet to servicing commercial properties, you might be thinking, how do I land my first commercial lawn care bid. This questions seems to come up often and when I hear stories from those who made the leap I love to pass them on to you to help.

One of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum wrote about his experience. “On a whim I just bid and won my first commercial job….

Commercial lawn care customer

Commercial lawn care customer

I noticed a really overgrown commercial property for sale and thought they may not have someone to take care of it. I was right and they were getting complaints from neighbors. My time estimate was right on so the job went well.

Now, if I want to continue, I know I need to invest in better tools of the trade. Thanks to this site for the information and templates, I followed one of them for my quote.”

Thank is fantastic news! What have you learned so far from the experience? Would you have bid anything differently if you could re-bid it?

It is a former steakhouse, about the size of an Olive Garden.

“I learned that I can do the job with basic equipment and techniques but better tools would make it easier and faster.

IMHO I bid it perfectly. I ended up a half hour shy of my estimated time. I spoke to a friend that has an established lawn care business and he told me he would have done it for the same but he would have done it for less if he needed the work.”

There are a lot of new lawn care business owners that read the forum and I am sure they are wondering how did you get the bid lined up? Did you just walk in and talk with the manager or how did it happen?

“The restaurant is closed and the property is up for lease/sale. The owner is unsure if he will raze it or remodel.

Here is how I won this job:

1. I noticed a property for sale that is lacking attention.
2. I called the realtor listed on the sign and ask to service the property.
3. The realtor took my info, actually I emailed it to him.
4. Realtor passed info along to property owner.
5. Property owner’s assistant contacted me and requested a quote.
6. I then had to find a suitable format for a quote (that I got from the forum), I took another look at the property, visualized the work and put the quote in my own format.
7. In the meantime the realtor contacted me and pressed me to get the quote in…the neighbors were complaining about the weeds.
8. I submitted my quote after settling on what I thought was a fair wage for my estimated time and materials.
9. The owner emailed me directly and accepted the quote, his asistant also emailed me and asked for a start date which I made a priority.
10. I completed the job quickly, took pics and, using a Word template, created an invoice which I then emailed to the asst.
11. I contacted the realtor to let him know the job was complete. I also requested that he contact me when similar services are needed. He replied that he would and that I should keep in touch.

I see a niche market for servicing commercial properties w/o a long term contract…especially with businesses failing and new business growth stalled. A lot of properties are on hold and will fall into a state of disrepair w/o care.”

What great advice and simple steps to take in order to submit a bid to a commercial property owner. I hope these ideas help you land more commercial properties as well.

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