How to get that BIG call.

Every lawn care business owner dreams of one day waking up and getting that big call. The call that would change the game for you. The one that would take you from small time and lead you to the big time. But does this ever really happen? If so, how do you set yourself up to get such a call? This is a topic that was discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and shed some light on the topic.

One lawn care business owner wrote “we talk quite a bit about the importance of networking when it comes to growing your lawn care business. We also talk about how difficult it can be to get your foot in the door of the richer markets. One of the marketing techniques I use to get the word out about my business is I ask every client for referrals.

Today, one of those referrals paid off in a big way when I received THE BIG CALL. When I picked up the phone, the caller told me he owns a massive commercial property maintenance company and builds 60++ homes a year. I know from the advertisements he puts out in the area that his homes start at $750,000 and they cater to the upper end of the socio-economic food chain.

Anyhow he was having lunch with one of my newer gated community clients today and property care came up, so this client told him great things about my company. Because of that conversation, this developer wants to meet as soon as the snow is off the ground and said the business is mine if I want it, at the end of the call.

The job would be property care for 64 commercial and residential properties plus the excavation and landscaping for the 60 homes he builds a year. This is amazing news for me. He set up a meeting that I will be attending for sure. I want to make a really good first impression as these private communities are really good money and best of all this one is right in the middle of the area where I work.

It’s funny in a way how these things work out. You fight, fight and fight to add one customer at a time. But sometimes one single contact can lead to more work than you could imagine. A short time after I got off the phone with that developer, I heard my cell phone receive an email. It seems this developer forwarded my contact information to another person he knew who needed lawn care. I was taken back when I read it. I xxxx’d out the names but wanted to share the content of it. Keep in mind I only spoke to this developer once so far. I haven’t even seen his properties, furthermore we never talked about pricing once.

Dear Mr. xxxxxx,

My name is xxxx, I am the treasurer of the xxxx xxxx homeowners association for which my husband is the current president. We are a gated private community which backs onto the xxxx golf course located off the xxxxxxxx Road.

I understand Mr. xxxx from xxxx development has been speaking to you with respect to taking over the lawn maintenance for his commercial properties and excavation/landscaping for his new developments.

My husband and I have been active members in our community for 7 years, all lawn care and property maintenance is contracted out based on a community vote, last year we experienced the services of the 5th company in 7 years and like the others their work simply doesn’t measure to our standards which we feel are reasonable considering what we pay.

This subject has been a hot topic at our bi-monthly homeowner’s association meetings; we make up approximately 20 acres with 18 homes. Based on my conversation with Mr. xxxx I would like to know if your company would be interested in delivering a presentation at our next meeting.

I fully understand you would want to inspect each property prior to providing any estimate(s), some properties will require a fair amount of work due to the poor service and quite simply prior companies not knowing what they were doing however we want to get the ball rolling and exhibit to our members that we are taking action, once again.

If you are able to attend, I would ask that you respond to me at your convenience, the meetings start at 7:00 pm and I will confirm our address.

Having reviewed your site I believe you offer services in our area as I have seen your trucks. I did not recognize your company name however your logo on the website struck me as I have seen it on your trucks. Speaking of your website, it is one of the best I have seen and I suspect the quality and care you put into it is reflected in the work you perform on your customers properties.

You would need to bring proof of company registration, insurance, references and workers compensation coverage.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours Truly


The key I am learning from all this is to get your network, networking for you. It certainly cuts the cost on sales and marketing, that is for sure! This has to be the most effective and cost efficient way to build any business.

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