How to get bi-weekly mowing customers to become weekly.

Have you found that the only mowing customers you service are those that want bi-weekly mowing? Do you find it really cuts down on your profits? If so, consider some of these business tactics we learned from The Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Maybe utilize a few of these strategies will help you improve your profits.

One lawn care business owner asked “so far this yea I have two will call as needed mowing customers and the rest are mowed bi-weekly. Any time I’ve mentioned weekly mowing service, it’s shot down pretty quick. Any advice on selling weekly services?”

A second lawn care business owner responded “What you can do is charge more for bi-weekly mowing. If a weekly lawn is $25 then make a bi-weekly lawn $32 or even $37 (1.25-1.5x).

Warm season grass is different than cool season grass so you may not need mowing as often. Just take advantage of that and make more money per cut. Otherwise if you only want to offer weekly services just turn down the bi-weekly and as-needed jobs.”

A third shared “a lot of this depends on the area you service. For instance in my area, because of the sandy soil conditions, it is hard to find people that want their lawn mowed every week. Unless they fertilize, which I try to upsell. Most of the people I mow for, have second homes in my area, and they don’t put much money into the lawn. I am not turning down any work at this point just starting out. It is what it is. If your area is just that way, you may have to upsell on different services or get more accounts.

If you get more mowing accounts, you can schedule one group of biweekly mowing accounts for one week and the other half of the group for the other week. That way each week you are flip flopping back and forth between the two groups and keeping yourself busy.

What you can do next is upsell. I take advantage of the warmer weather to upsell powerwashing to the customer’s house or garage. I offer field mowing which is big out here too. Stonework and driveway installs bring in much needed revenue, tree branches and brush are growing now as well so I offer to do a cut back and charge hourly.”

A fourth added “one strategy to sell weekly mowing is after you get a call for a bid give the customer two options: weekly mowing service is $30 a cut with free herbicide weed maintenance OR $40 a cut bi-weekly and $15/bottle for herbicide. Or what ever prices, biweekly always is more.

You can also briefly discuss (if they are not already sold) that It is easier for me to keep their property in top-notch shape by having weekly service and they are in-fact, getting far more value for little more money.

I have learned that if you have a problem finding weekly mowing clients something is not working right. I work in a higher end area. There are a few types of clients in my area that I have identified.

  1. The lawn customers that wants everything perfect, grass cut every week no matter what, and they pay.
  2. The customers that want a perfect grass for free, and pay late
  3. Biweekly clients that don’t really care about the grass but care about everything else, weeding, mulch in beds, pool care, powerwashing, etc. they don’t mind paying for extras.
  4. Cheap clients that don’t want anything done.

I focus on #1 type clients. I have a bunch of the client type #2, but once I find they don’t pay on time, I require a credit card and charge their credit cards on a weekly basis. I have some client type #3 as long as they buy upsells once in a while. I weed out client type 4 with my price. I have a small percentage of biweekly cuts. but as I get better clients, the bi-weekly clients get replaced.”

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