How to estimate 1 acre of lawn mowing.

How long would it take you to mow an acre sized property? That depends on the size mower you have. How much should you charge? That depends on your local market, your expenses, and how much profit you need to grow your business. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we see a real world example of one business owner needing to know how much to charge to mow an acre of property. A few other business owners responded with some insights to help him.

One lawn care business owner asked “I have been mowing my grandparent’s property for quite sometime now, but just recently they started paying me for it. Which actually is what led me to start my lawn care business. They have another guy do the line trimming and don’t want to drop him mid year, so next year the property care will be all mine.

So here are the specifics. The total grass area to be mowed is roughly 48k sq ft. Most of it is open and flat, and very easy to mow. There are approximately 4 trees I have to mow around and that requires a tiny bit of trimming. There is about 500 feet of trimming to do, about 150 ft is a bank that is around a pole barn they have, the rest is just along obstacles in the yard. Right now I mow, edge the sidewalks and blow everything off. Last week it took me a little over an hour to do everything.

My question is, what would you guys charge to do everything, mowing, trimming, edging and cleanup? I think I should charge around $75 a week and that would include my $20 base fee. Currently I only charge $40 since they are family and have done so much for me.

Also, if I were to have a part time worker, it would take half the time to do the job, would I still charge $75 or would it be less since it would take less time?

I am thinking if I had to add the trimming, it would probably add on another half hour to the job, so with that being said, I am thinking the job should be priced at more towards the $90 range. I currently mow the property with a 50″ ztr.

Right now I only maintain 3 properties, two of which are 1+ acres, I think the bigger properties are more profitable since I’m making money the whole time vs. doing one job then driving. ”

A second lawn care business owner responded “I think an acre is about 45,000 sqft, so you have a little over that, but I would not worry so much about the size of the place but how long you are there mowing it. If it takes me about an hour I feel pretty good getting about charging $60. ”

A third shared “since this job is for family, take what they offer you. Use what you learn there to charge other jobs - $50 and hour - for just the mowing time,  a helper would do all the other stuff in the time it takes you to mow. So an hour of mowing is $50 and a helper costs $10 or so. You might have expenses of about $10 or so and that leaves you with a profit of around $30. Not bad. If you do it all yourself $50 minus the expenses of $10 or so means profit of $40 or so for an hour and a half. Also not bad.”

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