How to deal with odd lawn care customer requests.

When you get called to give a lawn care estimate, do you ever find yourself dealing with a strange request that catches you off guard and leaves you momentarily stunned looking for a way to respond? It happens. The more time you spend running your lawn care business, the more odd ball requests will come your way. Here is a great example of one of them from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. After reading this, you will have a better understanding on how to deal with it.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have gotten some crazy requests when I show up to give an estimate on lawn care but this one takes the cake. I bust my butt to buy good commercial lawn care equipment and then I get asked to cut this customer’s lawn with their lawn mower. Then they want me to fill up their lawn mower with gas when I am done! Has anyone ever had to deal with such a request? What should I do?”

A second awn care business owner suggested “if it were me, I’d pass on the job. I have no idea why people think that they are doing you a favor by offering their junky lawn mower for you to use on their lawn. It’s almost always going to be the slowest and most poorly maintained equipment. I think it comes down to the lawn care customer thinking they are going to save a few bucks by doing this.”

A third lawn care business owner shared “I have had this happen to me on a few occasions over the years. At first I wasn’t sure on how to handle it but now I just tell them due to liability issues I can only use my lawn care equipment and not theirs. I explain if something were to happen while I was using their equipment and it got damaged or someone got hurt, their equipment would not be covered under my liability insurance policy.

I also have had a few lawn care customers tell me they have a lawn mower but no time to mow and if I sense they are telling me this to get me to use their lawn care equipment, I tell them I could take it off their hands for a nominal fee or if it was broken, I’d haul it away and have it fixed or junked. Normally if there is anything usable on the mower I will strip it for parts if it’s simliar to any of my mowers.”

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