How one lawn care business owner filled his Fall schedule.

Finding work in the Fall and Winter can be more challenging at times than picking up mowing accounts during the Spring. Many lawn care business owners seem to struggle finding customers to service and end up having a rough time when the mowing season slows down. But this doesn’t have to be the case. In a discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum a lawn care business owner shared with us how he managed to stay so busy.

Fall lawn care referral

Fall lawn care referral

He wrote “I always see people asking about advertising on your forum here and after many years of traditional advertising and this year combined with that, I can honestly say the best answer for you to tell those business owners would be word of mouth and give a % off for referal’s. The cherry on the top and best is DOOR TO DOOR ADVERTISING!!!! It takes a ton of time, but the return is MIND BLOWING if you tell people you will just give them a FREE no obligation estimate on the back of a business card. I filled my schedule and finished them all and just went out again and did more door to door and have almost filled all my available time again!”

What % do you suggest offering the customer for referrals? How do you advise promoting that you offer a referral %?

Where do you find the most referrals come from? From customers who are looking to get a % off or just natural referrals?

He responded “I usually take 10% off if they can tell me or show me something that I KNOW they wont know without being referred. Obviously I have records of every job I’ve ever done and I carry copies of those records with me when advertising and when I actually do jobs, so I just look up the name of who they said they heard of me from right there when I do the new customer’s estimate.

It’s not terribly complex as to how I advertise it but I just put on flyers and tell people when I go door to door estimating that I will not be under cut by anyone and if you find a better price, WRITTEN, say like an estimate and signed, I will match it or beat it (matching or beating it all depends on how cheap it is and how reliable the other company in question is).

Where the referals come from is about 50/50. ALMOST everytime I do a job, 3 out of 4 times…..people are so pleased with my work that they ask for business cards and give them to friends and family. I did one job 2 weekends ago and the woman asked me for 4 cards plus the one I gave here when she hired me and she handed them all out! 2 of them actually brought back customers and I treated them very well for using my services. The other half just comes from people who I give estimates to going door to door. In this cut-throat business knowing your competitions price is everything so people give up written documentation of other guys prices and I beat it and they get the 10% off that way.

This past season was the best I have had in one hell of a long time! and it reminded me why I love my job!”

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