How often should you edge a customer’s lawn?

As a new lawn care business owner, you may find you provide some services too often that are just not necessary or on the flip side, you may not be doing enough that is necessary. One of those things you may be curious about is lawn edging. How often should you be providing this service? That is what a new business owner asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when he wrote “I just started my lawn care business. Right now I have 14 customers and have basically leveled off this year with growth. I was looking to see how I could increase my productivity. I traded in my 36 inch rider for a 48 inch and that has helped out a lot. I was thinking of splitting up my customers and edging there lawns every other week. I know it looks really good if I edge every week but if I do it every other week that would save me time.

Lawn edging

Lawn edging

I want to keep a good level of service for customers but I also want to make money as well. What is your take about edging every other week or every week. I work by myself so I don’t have a partner to help my out.

This is my first year cutting so when I bid my lawn accounts I gave the customer a flat price for edging and cutting. On average it was like $25.00 per week. Last week for the first time my edger broke so I didn’t edge. I noticed that I must have saved a few hours at least just cutting and weed trimming. After I got my edger fixed I went around and got all the lawns edged on my next cut. No one questioned why I didn’t edged but the time I saved made me wonder if I should try it every other time? I don’t charge and extra fee for edging, should I charge extra for that like a cutting fee and and edging or just give a flat rate and include it all?

The person I used to work for would always edge the lawns every time he cut grass. He charged a lot more than I do now and he said he could command it given his service. Since this is my first year I think I will continue my premium service and next year I will have to re-evaluate my pricing. I guess this really goes back to the type of landscaper do I want to be? Since I am in a richer community I do everything so the lawns look their best. I know I didn’t quote my highest prices at first and next year if I raise my prices I should be able to get the price raise due to my service. If I stop with the edging now next year my customers might shop around. But if I continue to do what I am doing my customers should pay a little bit higher of a price for the service I offer.”

A lawn care business responded “I always edge every week. It just makes the lawn look so much better, although a few lawns I cut don’t need edging cause they are in such crappy shape. I’ve found now that I’m in my second year, my productivity has gone way up. Once you’re at it for awhile, you can keep up nice straight lines and a clean cut at higher speeds, especially while trimming/edging. Last year, I couldn’t do more than 8 lawns in a day, now I can easily handle 11-12 without sacrificing quality.

I don’t own an ‘edger’, I just tilt my string trimmer up and edge with that. I rarely, and I mean rarely, see anyone using an actual edger on lawns unless they’re cutting a new edge. Everyone around here uses a string trimmer and I have never even considered buying an edger. In my mind it’s a useless tool. If you have a decent gas powered trimmer with square line in it, then it can still cut a decent edge even if the lawn hasn’t been edged in a while. I use a Stihl FS 55R with .095 square line, and it will hack through longer grass on the edges and throw away a decent amount of dirt. If you do that 3 or 4 times, you’ve got yourself a nice clean edge with that little trench and later it’s a piece of cake to maintain.”

Another shared “Are you edging with an old fashion edger or a stick edger? I also don’t own an edger. I use a trimmer every time, to keep the edges clean. If it’s a yard I just picked up and it’s over grown I’ll let the customer know that I don’t edge, but I can cut it back , and once it’s cut back to the side walks edge turn your trimmer up and just maintain it. I personally think the edge looks cleaner when done right with a string trimmer.”

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