How long should a commercial lawn mower last me?

How long should a commercial mower last? This is a very good and important question when you are considering buying one. Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Forum that I wanted to share with you on this topic.

TNT:I’m in my 3rd season as a lawn care professional. I have around 150 accounts some big and some small. The equipment I use is 52″ wright sentar (great on hills 700hrs) 44″ exmark Hp 1300hrs, 32″ wright stander (awesome mower) and 32″ exmark walk behind. I just got a couple of big accounts and I need to get some bigger mowers (maybe scag or exmark). I need to know if it is best to buy new or used? I would like to finance these, so that I can write this off on my business. any Ideas on the finance part?

Tim: “If you want to write it off, lease for 3 yrs then buy it out.

If you are on hills as you speak of I would go with SCAG they seem to preform better on hills than others, I live in Northeast KY and we have steep river bluff hills. Have tried the Xmark, Bush Hog and Hustler all 3 are good units but the SCAG is more stable on the hill country.”

TNT: Thanks. I live in Ohio. most of my property is flat. Just a couple have really steep hills. I did not know that you could lease mowers. Is that really a good idea? I’m pretty hard on the mowers

Tim: “Yes you can, and if your lawn care equipment isn’t giving you at least 6 years of service then you really need to take better care of it or your only costing yourself money. I don’t mean to sound harsh but that is just how it is. If my guys misuse or abuse equipment and I can prove it (and i normally can) then they pay for the repairs or replacement of that equipment.

ex. one guy through a $300 trimmer in the back of the truck and broke the housing and throttle, he paid for it and I kept the trimmer it was only a month old.

That equipment is your bread and butter.”

TNT: Thanks, How many hours does a lawn mower typically have when it’s on its death bed. When I mean that I am hard on my mowers. I mean 10-12hrs per day 6-7 days a week during the summer months I run these lawn mowers. I do routine maintenance on them.

Tim: “It should be about 5,600 hours but in reality it is about 2/3rds that, maybe 3700 hours.”

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