How lawn care business owners save money.

How do you save money? Do you ever find there is a psychological barrier beyond a certain amount of money where you have a hard time breaking through when it comes to saving?

Like where you feel saving gets tougher and tougher for you to do? Maybe it’s $1000 or $2000? At a certain point do you see the money you have in the bank and think of ways you can spend it or are you dead set focused on saving? This is the question I put out to the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and I got quite a few interesting responses.

One lawn care business owner wrote “personally I would say my biggest hang up and something I sometimes fight with is to just stop buying lawn care equipment or shop tools. I think I have myself under control…..well most days anyhow.

As for saving, I am of the school where saving is critical. I have passed this on to my children and I could tell it really stuck with my son when he told me he had saved enough to pay the down payment on a house. My daughter on the other hand has quite a bit of money in her account too, but like me,¬† material things are sometimes hard for her to stop spending on.”

A second lawn care business owner shared “for most of my adult life I lived month to month and paycheck to paycheck. That was all until I bought my house. The idea of being $1 behind on my payments and losing all I worked for scared the hell out of me. Since then I have less toys but a mountain of cash to fall back on.”

A third lawn care business owner said “I had a problem saving for a while too. I always wanted to save a certain amount to get something but just before I got to that amount I would see something else I liked and use the money to get it.

I solved my problem by opening a savings account that required two signatures to withdraw the money. My mother was the other person on the account. I had to go to her to get money out and she always made me sit down and think it through. Since she passed on, I now only have an account in my name. However, whenever I want to spend money out of it I always sit in my Mom’s old rocker and think it through. Most of the time I don’t spend the money.”

A fourth said “Saving money? What is this? I do not understand… HAHA

I have a big problem saving money, as every time I get a nice amount in the bank I find that I gotta get some new tools. It’s not awful considering what my lawn care company wants, is what I want too. I don’t want a bigger tv, new silverware… I want more outdoor power equipment!

If I get gas for my birthday coming up, It’ll be the best gift ever. LOL. As far as saving goes… Well… You just have to know your expenses & continue to save up for those random accidents that can and will occur.

I could blow all my money on newer lawn care equipment, while I let all my present mowers rot. Though that’s just stupid. Maintaining everything is what will help me save money.

I know that every time you buy a piece of equipment, you need to make sure it gives you money back. If you use a self propelled lawn mower & can manage with it, don’t bother with a zero turn. The work still gets done, a zero turn is just a toy. Though if it can bring you more business, by all means get one.

Personally though now I find myself getting one for comfort. So I can be fat all year round. Though this does not mean I won’t be busting my butt trying to make it all worthwhile. I can be more efficient give or take, & manage more properties.

In my mind, I don’t necessarily need a zero turn mower, but I want to have it before I need it… Which isn’t that wise, but it’s what I want baby!!!!

The way I am rationalizing the spending on it is with this zero turn mower, I could be working 3 1/2 days instead of 5. Which means I get more time to relax (silly) or pick up new customers (smart).

If I can fill up the rest of my days with even just 15 customers, the machine is paid off a lot faster & I can continue to enjoy what I do even more!

So the lesson in business is, don’t spend your money on what doesn’t make you money.”

A fifth business owner said “my monthly expenses (not counting food, gas, and entertainment) is $1,196.00. I try to keep ~ $7,175.00 (six months expenses) in the bank.

I have 2 savings accounts - 1 for monthly expense security and one for mostly business expenses. My checking account is funded weekly for expenses ($295.00) per week plus $200.00 for food, gas, and entertainment having utilities and regular expenses such at insurance, etc. automatically paid. Anything left over from both my wife’s income and my income goes into the savings accounts. Any extras that come up are paid with a debit card from the general savings account.

Emergencies come up from time to time and lower it, but I replenish it as soon as possible. I have nothing financed at this time but my house which will be paid off in less than 2 years. This will reduce monthly expenses by $598.17 per month. There is no property tax in this state for homeowners over 65 so I will only have to fund that account for about 2 years.

My advice to newer lawn care business owners is make a savings plan and stick to it.”

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