How to land restaurants and hotels as lawn care clients.

Any time I hear about how a great story on how a lawn care business owner landed some commercial accounts, I like to share the story with everyone to help you see how others do it. We all need to hear stories and experiences from others in order to broaden our horizons. This story came to us through the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum where a member shared with us how he landed 4 hotels, 2 resturants and 47 residential. Look at the way he did it and compare his operation with yours. Are there areas in your business you could improve upon?

He wrote “I restarted my lawn service last year. I used to have about 12 yards in high school, but girls and the beach were way more important than cutting grass and my business failed because of it. After that experience I worked for a landscaping company through college. Later I worked as a regional manager for a cellular dealer for 9 years until that got old.

During that time I save up some money and left that line of work to restart my lawn care business. From the advice that I got on this site, I now have 4 hotels, 2 resturants and 47 residential.

The 2 restaurants I got by just going up to the managers and asking them who is doing there lawn service (because it looked awful) and they said basically they didn’t have anyone. I gave them a price and showed up the next day and started edging and mowing. It was that simple! So as you drive around town, keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to walk in the door and introduce yourself!

I got the 4 hotels from the signs on my landscaping truck & trailer. The property manager for all 4 hotels called to get a estimate for his house. While speaking with him I told him I provide commercial lawn services as well. From there, he told me what he did and said he wasn’t happy with his current landscaping company….so for about a month we went back and forth on prices and the only way to close the deal was to throw in his house lawn service for free in the whole deal (his yard only takes 25 mins to edge and big lost there), so I said yes and sealed the deal.

I made the graphics for my trailer on my own computer and emailed them to a local sign & banner company. We decided to put them on the side of my truck for people to see when my trailer was off. I have the same sign on the back of my trailer also! This is such a simple step, every lawn care business should be doing this.

Next season this hotel company is opening up 2 more hotels and I also got the contract to mow those properties as well. Another marketing angle I was able to work is reaching out to all the employees at each hotel. I was able to put up a flyer in there break room and send a flyer with there pay check! Example: ABC Hotel employee 10% discount on yard service! This made him look good and also got me more local residential lawn care accounts.

When I need more residential lawn care customers, I knock on doors that needed bushes, mulching, mowing and egding done. This works great. While I am there I will offer my weekly or bi-weekly lawn care services. Once I get them as customers I ask for and start getting referrals.”

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