How are we supposed to survive when other lawn care business advertise such cheap rates?

We have all seen ads either in the newspaper or on free internet classified sites that promote lawn care services for next to nothing. What should a legitimate mowing business owner think about such ads and even more so, do about them? Should such competitors be taken on head to head or are there better ways to deal with such cheap prices? That is what one entrepreneur was interested in knowing when he wrote on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I am getting myself ready to do my spring advertising and I saw this company’s ad. They are promoting they will mow a lawn for $20! I can’t believe someone could even be in business with rates like this. These prices are less than half what I charge! Am I wrong to think that is way too cheap? I guess it speaks for itself and chances are his work is just as cheap and he won’t be around long. Just the fact that ads like this are out there annoys me as people will for sure call him first.

I sent him an email asking for a quote. No big shock he never got back to me. I made sure to flag his post in spite as well.”

Cheap Lawn Care Advertising

Cheap Lawn Care Advertising

A second lawn care business owner said “keep in mind that when people advertise, they give their lowest rates. He doesn’t seem to have a disclaimer on giving lot size specs or anything. My guess is that he is new and his pricing will change. I had a similar experience last fall when a customer called to have some snow removed. When I gave him my price, he was shocked and said to me that would explain why the guys he hired the first time didn’t show up, as their price was so low. The customer commented that they must be picking up only really small driveways at the flat price they were advertising, cause they didn’t touch his at all. Needless to say, I got a customer and they didn’t.

I wouldn’t fret too much about it, they probably won’t be there in the long run.”

A third added “I take these ad’s with a grain of salt. More power to them if they want to lose money and they won’t last long. Call them up and get a quote on your own yard and if they will do all that for $60 a month, hire them, and have a cold one while they cut your lawn, trim, and fertilize. I would hire them in a heart beat to do my three acres.

Around here there are similar posts for $25.00 a lawn. I have seen some of their work too. They often only get one chance to mow as their quality I have seen is poor at best. Just ride it out and offer other services that they do not have the equipment for. This is what I have done and have never looked back since.”

A fourth said “stick to your guns on pricing and continue to offer top notch services and people will pay for it. There will always be lowballers in this business. The successful ones will have had to raise their prices because they realized they were working for nothing. A good portion of them will go work for someone else because they don’t have the business sense.

This guy seems like a young guy starting out maybe with dad’s equipment and he definitely doesn’t know the true costs of doing business. He will either quickly learn or fail.”

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