How a lawn care business name can effect your future growth.

You would think coming up with a business name for your mowing company should be relatively straight forwards, simple, and easy. To some entrepreneurs it is. They just go with the first idea that comes to them. For others though, it is a grueling process where they try to encapsulate everything they want to do into one name that encapsulates it all. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, the ideal path tends to be somewhere in the middle. Where you take into consideration what function your business will perform and not let yourself get to crazy into future possibilities.

One lawn care business owner wrote “most of us all have our business names already, but throughout the course of running your business, have you ever wanted to change it’s name? What factors does one consider, when choosing the right business name? A list of offered services? I would say no, if the business has plans to expand.

So let’s say your company name is “Peaches“. Peaches focuses on lawn maintenance. One would say, - Peaches Lawn Maintenance or even, - Peaches Lawn Care, though care is unofficially known to involve lawn treatments. Peaches has plans to offer more services in the future, so would it be wise to title the business, Peaches Lawn Service? If Peaches only focuses on the lawn? For sure. Though that is a very limiting name, but catchy and a great length of words are used.

If Peaches offers fence installation, pool maintenance, excavation work, etc. The Peaches name is not recognized to do these services. What name can be given to fully grasp the services offered by this company? Peaches Household Services? Does that sound right? Because now ‘household’ is unofficially known to revolve around interior work, is it not? Would it be wise for Peaches to keep it’s business name, Peaches? I think not, as the name alone does not help the situation when trying to market it’s services.

For example, ‘Bob’s Pizza’ what if Bob’s Pizza offers amazing sub sandwiches, no one would know this except the pizza consumers who eat at this restaurant. Should it be, ‘Bob’s Pizza & Subs’? I believe to an extent that it would work. The problem I see, is that the name is still quite limiting and not suitable for expanding the business.

Bob’s Pizza & Subs may offer delicious ribs and ice cream one day. Now what? When you drive by Bob’s Pizza & Subs with an appetite for ribs & ice cream, you won’t even be thinking about Bob’s Pizza & Subs. The same thing goes for Peaches.

Originally, my company was supposed to focus on fall cleanups only. It was supposed to be highly competitive, and the #1 company to call for leaf removal. Now it has morphed into something else and I now I don’t even charge my full season lawn maintenance customers for leaf removal! Funny isn’t it?

I believe in the future I will provide fertilizer spraying and and provide minor lawn renovations. I do hope to hire people with skills to handle different services in the future, so I’m not stuck doing everything myself. I might get into pressure washing, though I have no idea if it’s worth anything unless I try. I have the equipment but I’ll still be the one stuck doing these jobs.

How important is a business name?

Well ultimately, I wonder if it is just better to get anything started because who really knows where one’s business will be a year after getting started or try your best to get it right from the start?”

A second lawn care business owner said “for sure it is better to just get anything started! I remember when I just started out, I used the name, ‘Snow Removal Sam’ , it was easy for me then to make the transition into ‘Sam’s Lawn Service’. As a lawn service, I am expected to offer just about every service a property owner would want.

You may think that when you get started you will be focused on lawn care but because of chance and circumstance, you may find yourself focusing on tree care or excavation work or something you might not even considered early on. It’s fascinating how things morph! Maybe one day it’ll be, ‘Sam’s Exotic Fish, small ponds and other crap.’

You can always update your business name as you go, or even simplify the name as you go. Though I always fear that changing a name too much may cause one to lose customers. You can’t switch from Sam’s to Turfs Up without scaring a few customers away.

When you do a drastic name change, a customer may think ‘why’d he change the name?’ Is this a scam? Maybe he had a bad reputation and now he’s hiding it behind this new mask. Was he bought out? etc…

The name isn’t all that important, though it can be the key into gaining a new client at times. Just like people are judged by their names, a company can be judged too. Your company name is the first thing most people see before they see your finished work. So you have to ask yourself, is your company name likable?

In the end, don’t waste too much time trying to come up with the perfect business name. Pick something that will be functional today. Then as your business grows your company name can evolve to fit it.”

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