How a lawn care business got 4 listings on the first search engine page.

A big goal for your lawn care business website would be to rank high for certain keyword phrases you have deemed important. Once you are able to do that, you can then focus on making your website appear multiple times on the first page of the search engine results. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, it will take time, but with focus, you can get it done.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I was just doing a internet search to see what comes up for lawn care around my city and I noticed this one company has their website listed three times in a row! Then further down still on the first page, they have a fourth link with a different url that brings you to their main website. So in total, they have four links on the first page! How did they do that? Perhaps a bribe to the search engine?”

A second lawn care business owner said “I doubt there was a bribe involved, you can’t bribe the search engines but you can pay to get a sponsored ad to appear at the top of the search engine results.

Ultimately though it all comes down to good site creation and good seo tactics. Having multiple listings for your company on the first page of the search engine results means there will be less room for your competition. It is fairly simple to create nice well ranking sites that will do this for you. I have found it all to be simple to do but it can be very time consuming. Taking time out of your busy schedule running your business is the tricky part.

How to improve your lawn care business website seo.

How to improve your lawn care business website seo.

After reviewing the site I found that the phrase ‘lawn care’ appears over 40 times on their home page. They also have 8 high ranking sites linking in to them according to Alexa. Is this luck? NO! Either they or someone they paid, worked very hard at achieving this.

They weren’t using many key words. The ones I found were ‘Lawn Care, Lawn Care Services, Care lawn services, care lawn, lawn fertilization.’ Between each comma is a key word phrase and it can be made up of more than one word. Why they choose to use these key words, I don’t know but it appears to have been very helpful in their rankings.

Content is KEY!

All of the major search engines are in the business of serving up information. Since they can’t determine what is in a photo or what is in a video, they focus on the text on the page. Text is information and that is what they serve. If all the search engines served up was photos you, the end user, would probably switch to another search engine.

Here is a rule to follow when building a web site that you want to rank high, build it first for your customers and then second for SEO. After all if you built a site primarily with SEO purposes in mind, it would be one UGLY and hard to read web site. That’s not to say when building your website for your customers, you don’t need to be aware of seo needs, because you always need to keep them in mind when writing. Using a conversational writing style on your webpage is easier for your customer to read and the search engines like that.

What I have found that works best for service companies is using a mixture of text information and photos. Your customer are searching for information. People are hungry for information but they don’t want to have to work hard to get it. Looking at photos can be easier than reading, but they can’t get all the information they want from photos. Although they do want to see before and after photos of your landscape work. The better you can incorporate these text and photos together on your website, the better your site will be for your customer and search engines.

Can you beat them and can you get your pages ranked higher? You sure can! With seo anything is possible. The reason your competitor has multiple pages showing up on the results page is because their individual pages are deemed more relevant than others in the area for the key words searched. But as I have said in the past, there is no guarantee anyone can make you that for sure they can do it.

If you wanted to start an seo campaign for lawn care, I would start it no later than January so that by March you would already be 3 months into the campaign and when a customer searched for your keywords, your rankings would have already climbed.

One of the great things about having multiple pages appear on the first page search engine results is that it leaves no room for your competition. Google not only ranks a site but it also ranks individual web pages. Because of the constant changing of Google’s search engine algorithm and the others, you never stop learning and you never know it all.

You can literally spend thousands of dollars on software or thousands of hours performing the seo work yourself. You can do this all yourself, it is not that hard but the thing is time. If you have the time then do it. If not then you are better off hiring someone to do it for you so you have a life. I did not have the funds when I started my very first web site so I would work all day and then after dinner sit down at the computer and work on my SEO. The downside of  it is I lost a marriage because of it. It became all consuming to me. Sometimes I would work on sites until 2am trying and experimenting with something new. It was my fault because I let it consume me. You have to be careful and draw the line somewhere. Don’t let SEO consume you. Just like accounting, somethings are better left to others while you work on sales.

Use focused keywords in your seo.

When it comes to keywords, focusing on say for instance ‘lawn mowing’ if that is your focus, is a bad idea unless you are a nationwide company. Instead you should focus on the keyword phrase ‘lawn mowing your town  your state.’ This phrase will have less competition and give you a better chance at improved results than focusing on the general ‘lawn mowing.’ Focus your keywords to include an area where you get the most of your work or the area you want to work in. For instance if you live in say Los Angeles but you want to work in San Diego, you would then focus on “lawn care San Diego CA.”

Larger SEO companies do have teams of people working on this but they also have either purchased or written software that allows them to partially automate the processes. I say partially because you can not completely automate the entire process. I don’t work by myself, I have others that are experts in their specific area of SEO that I count on to complete the work. That is how all the SEO companies should work. Not with one person trying to do it all. As with everything, it is impossible to know it all.

Don’t get me wrong, there are always a few exceptions but they are normally working on high dollar accounts or for the search engines.

An example of what I am talking about is, I have a list of over 6,000 directories I can submit my business to and say it takes an average of 2 minutes to sign up for the site, before you can add your listing, that is 200 hours of work. Then say you add another minute to type in all your company data, now you are at 300 hours to do this manually.
With the proper software, you can cut this time dramatically but it is not fully automatic. You still need human intervention. This is where the SEO companies come in. They have the software and the people dedicated to each function.

If you decide to do this yourself, you can find directories on the internet to submit your company to. Break your list down to sizable chunks and do a few a day. Don’t try to do it all at once as you still have a business to run. Over time, you will see all those backlinks along with your focused keywords, help improve your business rankings. A little at a time will take you a long way.”

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