How a free snow plowing can help you sell more.

As we have seen in many discussions on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, the better the network you have, the more you will sell. Getting started though can pose a very tricky problem. How do you develop up a network to sell too?

Well chances are, you already have a network in place, you just don’t realize it at the moment. We all know people from our daily interactions. Through friends and family. Also through others who provide us services. Some people in our community will tend to have a larger network than others. For instance a local doctor is going to know a lot more people in the area than an office worker.

The doctor will also have more influence on those in their network because they are highly educated and speak from a position of authority. There are other community members who might have equal or greater influence however, those in the medical field tend to rank up there near the top.

How does knowing this help you? Well let’s take a look at one lawn care business owner did to harness his doctor’s social network. This is something you can do too! He wrote “I was just outside with my dog having a smoke when something came to me that I did last week.

I went to my doctor’s office for my annual check up. He lives five minutes from my house. We generally have nothing more than a quick conversation but this time I asked him, who is keeping you plowed out this season? He said he was doing it with an old snow blower. I said what if I gave you free service for this year? He said sure and then I went on to say we were looking for snow plow accounts in the area. In the back of head I felt like I was going fishing to see what happens. This is a local community medical center so guess what, that doctor is now part of my network and yes he has already sent referrals to me. While I was there, I dropped off some of my snow removal post cards to him.

Pardon the pun but it’s really having a snowball effect and I would like to think we all have a doctor, dentist etc. These people are the root connection in your community.Because like us, they build relationships.”

There is so much great stuff here to talk about! So in this situation, you offer him free service for the year to kind of like pull him into your network and with him knowing it’s free, he might feel more compelled to send you other customers? Why do you feel he was chosen over others to give the free service too? Was there something about him or his situation in the community that made him stand out most? Does it just come down to he has a lot of customers himself that are all local and he is a good beacon to promote your services?

“We offered free service to get his attention, then do an outstanding job and the rest falls into place. I would be willing to bet no other patient has done something like this and added if you know of anyone looking for plowing or excavation service, we would really appreciate the referral. If it works out we will continue to do little free things for him, like lawn care or whatever.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, accounting companies, tax return companies, they know the people in our area, tap into it and see what happens.

I am not sure if he looked at our lawn care, he was interested in the organic products we use. I suspect he will now at some type look at the website.”

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