Homemade landscape trailer shovel rack.

Part of running a successful lawn care business is figuring out how to be creative when you are lacking money. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one entrepreneur who found a way to solve the problem of securing his hand tools on his landscape trailer. A very creative and cheap idea got him thinking about bigger projects.

One lawn care business owner shared “today I finally decided I was going to make a shovel and rake rack for my landscape trailer. I got tired of having them just bouncing around freely in my truck. homemade-trailer-rake-rack-1

To make it, I used 1/8″ thick metal that I cut 2 main supports for with 1×1 square stock at 2 feet. I added a base plate that is 2 inches wide by 4 inches long. Welded them together but not to the trailer because I never know what I may want to place there in the future.

Next I had some angle laying around so I thought I would throw it in just if I wanted to hang strap’s or something off it. I cut this at a 3 feet long section and welded to the top of the main supports. homemade-trailer-rake-rack-2

Then I had 4 inch wide flat stock piece that I cut down to 36 inches and drilled 5 holes in it 1/2 inch from one side and 4 inches apart. The holes are 1 3/4 inches around. Then welded the the main support on top of the angle. I have 3 inches on the side hang over to do other thing with.

This whole thing cost me around $12 to build. There was no way I was going to pay $40 to $100 to order one. Now I just need some paint to finish the job.  homemade-trailer-rake-rack-3

Currently the tools are just resting on the trailer deck at the bottom for now because I’m still thinking what more I may add to this. I do know I’m going to add a trimmer rack in the front of this and tie it together somehow.

Lastly I’m also going to cut plywood 24 inches high and place on the inside of the trailer so I can get mulch without it falling out of the trailer.

I’d also like to fabricate a back pack blower rack and gas can holders on the outside of the trailer so I can keep the trailer floor clean. homemade-trailer-rake-rack-4

It took about 30 to 45min to get the holes drilled nicely which was probably the most time needed. It was well worth the time spent. If you have some metal lying around and a welder, consider using my design to build your own shovel and rake rack.”

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