Home and garden show booth ideas for a lawn care business.

Have you ever gone door to door with your lawn care marketing material and tried to talk to home owners? If so, you know how difficult it can be to get them at the moment they are looking to buy. But what if instead of you going to look for them, they came looking for you! That is what goes on at local home and garden shows. If you sign up to rent a booth at a local garden show, here are some tips from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that might help you out.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I am looking to have one sign made for a local home and garden trade show coming up in a few weeks. I am thinking about making the sign 4′ x 4′. It’s going to be a table top sign that I will attach a leg to the back of it so it can stand on its own. For the sign material I am considering using coroplast.

What I want to do with the sign is make a table top display that I can attach photos to it to show some of my before and after shots. At the bottom I plan to put a few plastic holders to insert some of our flyers into them. I also want to list the different services I offer. Lastly I want to have a part of the sign show that I give a 10% discount to seniors.

I plan to place the table along the side of our booth to allow people to come into our area. I want to put the sign at the end of the table and have more literature available on the table, like brochures they can take with them. I am also considering having some kind of attraction like a golf putt putt along the other side of our booth as well. On the back wall I may hang a few large pictures of the lawns I service, mowers, and some of the small equipment to give it a feel for our work. I wish I could afford to really go crazy with my booth setup but right now I am working on a limited budget. If all goes well this year, I will scale up my trade booth for next year.

The golf putt putt is 9 ft long x 4 feet and has 3 holes on it. Each hole could represent a prize of some sort. For instance:

For the kids I could give out small candy bars as a consolation prize? Or maybe even gold fish! You can buy 100 feeder fish from the local pet store for about $1.00 and I know kids LOVE gold fish! I might store them in a fish tank or even possibly a small pond display and then give them out in sealed sandwich bags.

Another thing I’m putting together for the show is a power point presentation to play on a continuous loop. Each slide will showcase a service we offer and possibly be displayed on a section of the back wall instead hanging a picture.”

A second business owner said “something you may want to consider is ditching the table. I know a lot of times when these shows go on, the simplest thing to do is put a table up an put some marketing material on them, but I feel it tends to do two things. A table can put a barrier between you and the potential customer or it becomes a lazy salesman where you can throw a few pieces of lawn care marketing material on it and then not feel so compelled to engage the visitor.

At a trade show you definitely don’t want to to talk across a table to a potential customer. Instead you may want to experiment with using higher stools and a few pedestals for your literature. That way you can take a break for a moment and sit but it is easy to stand back up again as a new potential customer visits.

Having your signs on the side of the display and some higher small tables to dispense materials, will open up the space and draw potential customers in. Once they are drawn in, you can then talk to them easier. When people are in your booth area, it will also shows others there is something going on there and make them want to stop and listen in on your conversations.

The power of the trade show is to meet people, shake hands, and show off what you can do. It’s the first step of your sales funnel. If the potential customer gets a good vibe from you at the show and they need your services, you can be sure they will be calling.

One last suggestion is to collect as many contacts as possible and you can do this by having some sort of raffle. If the visitor comes to your booth and fills out their contact information and puts it in a bowl, you will then give away something valuable to the person or persons drawn from the bowl. Maybe have one big giveaway and a few smaller ones. Let the visitor know they do not have to be present as you will contact them if they win.

Later you can use their contact information to send them seasonal marketing material.”

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