Hiring female lawn care employees.

If you ever had to hire a lawn care employee, you know how desperately hard it can be to find a good one. With that being the case, you may need to consider looking at your potential pool of lawn care employees with a new light to find a real gem. That is what this one lawn care business owner did and he was pleasantly surprised with the new addition to his staff. He shared with us his story on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

He wrote “my lawn care business has been growing by leaps and bounds this year and I just can’t seem to get enough good lawn care employees. So today I was contacted by a female, around 35 years old with a military background, looking for work. I am not gender bias. If you can get the job done, I really don’t care what sex you are or color. But for what ever reason, I just never had hired a woman to work out in the field mowing lawns before.

After inviting her in and talking for a bit I decided to hire her. I have to say I just wasn’t sure what to expect of her being out there and working with all the machinery, but I am here to tell you all she can work 98% of the guys I employee, into the ground, hands down. I had her on a tree chipping crew the past two days, and even the client was shocked! Talk about a work horse and a very beautiful personality, she is a total keeper for us. She is working with me tomorrow as she wants to drive tractors. Sure thing as we need more loader operators and with two tractor trailer loads of sod and 16 trucks of top soil at various sites, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

With her, I now have a total of 17 employees at the moment. That still isn’t enough though. With spring here I called my foreman this afternoon and asked if he could find at least four more. On the condition they be part time at first to try them out. We will all be meeting at a local diner today for lunch. It should be quite the show with 5 trucks, trailers and 17 staff in full uniforms.

So when you find your lawn care business growing and you are looking for more lawn care employees folks, don’t put the blinders on. There could be a gem right under your nose and you might not even know it until you give a person a shot. Regardless of any preconceived views you may have coming into the job interview.”

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