Here is my lawn care operation daily checklist.

Does your lawn care business have a checklist of things to do to your mowing equipment at the end of each day? Keeping processes structured and consistent will help you improve your operation. Maintaining your equipment will minimize down time and help you increase profits. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from some entrepreneurs about what is on their daily checklist. Compare theirs to yours and see if you are missing anything.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I am thinking of putting together an end of the day checklist for our lawn care employees to run down before they leave for the day to ensure that all the mowing equipment, etc. is cared for, fueled, and so on - you get the picture. Hoping this ensures our roll out the next day is as fluid as possible. Thinking something that includes:

  • Refuel mowers.
  • Refuel hand tools.
  • Check fuel containers. How many need filling?
  • Blow mowers and hand tools clean.
  • Inventory hand tools. Are all accounted for?
  • Are trimmer lines stocked and loaded?
  • Are there any items that need maintenance? If so, report to crew leader.

Any suggestions past this? Other thoughts? Have you done this in the past and, if so, did it work?

We are not looking to hinder our landscaping crews but trying to make ensure we’re as proactive about the next day’s start as possible and ensuring we’re taking care of our lawn care equipment.”

A second lawn care business owner shared “we do it a little different, but we probably have a larger set up.

  1. Refuel everything. we have a 500 gallon tank under the garage, in ground.
  2. Change all our lawn mower blades daily. Sharpened once a week. We have 7 blade sets per machine.
  3. All machines are power washed. From the big mowers, trimmers, blowers etc. We keep everything very clean, so there is no build up on any of the machines of dirt, oil, grass, or grease, especially around the carbs, exhaust, and around the primer bulb.
  4. Trimmer lines are checked.
  5. Grease for hedge trimmers is checked if they are used.
  6. Oil is checked on everything.
  7. Record hours on all machines.
  8. Refuel the trucks, refueling containers on the trucks.
  9. Power wash the tucks and trailers.
  10. All hand tools are washed.

We have 3 part time mechanics working on our machines. They change oil, engines when needed, sharpen blades, check belts, grease all grease fittings, fit any machines that need fixing. Check all machines so that they are running as they are suppose to. Check any bolts that may get loose. Assess any machines we get donated from clients or pick up. They do not work every day, typically 3 days a week in the evenings or Sunday. They get paid $12 an hour, plus a 12 pack of beer a week.

I spend a great deal of money on lawn care marketing. We do a lot of marketing and business flows from it. My main problem though isn’t equipment it has been hiring. I just cant find good employees. But that is another discussion for another day.”

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