Help getting new lawn care customers.

Getting your first 20 or 30 lawn care customers can really seem like a herculean task at first. But once you hit that amount of customers, you may find word of mouth advertising and referrals coming to you in greater numbers. So what tips or hints should a newer lawn care business owner know to get to this point? That is the question which was asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum with a bunch of great ideas that followed.

One lawn care business owner wrote “what is the best way for me to sell myself to potential new clients. I only started this last summer and have gained 7 customers. I  have limited experience with offering other lawn care services other than the basics. I am going to try and be more aggressive in my marketing as I have a great desire to make this work for myself and my family.

The thing I am trying to figure out is what is the biggest reason people would switch from who they have now, to me,  other than price. I am not going to be the local low baller, so how do I convince people to switch to me with my limited experience?”

A second business owner shared “here is some advice I have received over the years that has served me well.

  • Offer a service that the current lawn care company does not provide along with lawn maintenance. Many customers like to hire a well rounded company.

Your competition may only provide lawn service. If you provide the same service but also include gutter cleaning, or garden maintenance, you have a chance to win them over.

  • Offer them something they will have difficulty refusing.

Here is an example of what I mean. Basically you get a card made for your customers. Each time they make a full payment (example would be if they pay per month), you would stamp the card. If the customer makes all of his/her payments, the fully stamped card will act as a discount or free service.

My best paying customers are entitled to a free mowing at the end of the season. This is something other companies don’t offer.

If you can offer this benefit even just for one season and only to new customers, it should help you stand out. One free mowing to new customers, might just get them to switch and stick with you forever. Regardless if you ever give them an offer like that again. To top it off, your company will offer more benefits than your competitors.

You can also consider offering a free mowing with a signed annual lawn care agreement. Putting an attention grabbing headline on a flyer with FREE MOWING at the top always gets people interested. It’s well worth your while to experiment with these different variables especially when you think about how a customer can stick with you for many years to come once they sign up.

Be the best you can be with your services. Each season I do everything I can to grab more customers. Every now and then, don’t be afraid to give them something extra and you will get something out of it. Take in their garbage can. Bring their paper to the door. Simple steps can mean a lot. You may be surprised at how plugged into the neighborhood some of your customers are. If they talk positively about you to their local friends, family, and neighbors, you will most certainly see more customers coming your way.

So get out there with your marketing and use some attention grabbing headline in your flyers. Accentuate the benefits and stand out from your competition.”

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