Help a veteran with your lawn care business and get media attention.

In honor of Armed Forces Day we asked our viewers to reach out to your community and see if there is a (military veteran or currently active) resident you can assist. Do something nice for them by helping out in their yard, take some pictures, and show us what you did. Out of the photos we will pick an lco who went above and beyond to help out a member of the military and we will send them (2 magnets 12×24…2-4 colors for their truck or trailer compliments of Tony From

Also we have a professionally produced lawn care business program consisting of Business Tools, Manuals, Start-Up Guidance, Forms, Bidding and Estimating Tutorials, Estimating Calculators, Training Videos and much more designed to help you operate a successful Lawn Care Business, compliments of our friend Keith.

The winner of our contest was Lee of Tiger Time Lawn Care. Lee assisted Ed, a widower and a WWII veteran. Ed served three years in the military. He is no longer able to work on his yard now. Lee cut Ed’s lawn and has redone his flower bed to give the yard more curb appeal!

Lee: “Being a retired vet myself I know the importance of helping them out. I have two others that I could have posted but thought Mr. Ed’s was the best.”

lawn care marketing idea

Check out the pictures Lee submitted for this contest here.;f=1;t=5039;

Keep this idea in mind when you are looking for ways to help your community and get media attention for doing it.

Chadio: “I do this for a young woman in our community. It is only one. My father, grandfather, and uncles are veteran’s who served overseas. When I left that job she was holding her daughter. As a father of two, I looked at my son, 2, who was with me and I felt good. I would hope someone would help my family while I was in harms way.”

Lawncareinnovations: “A local news station called me today wanting to do a report on me because I posted an add on craigslist to help out local troops.  I would cut there lawn of deployed troops for free!  WOW What do you think should I do it or not?”

“Yes. Absolutely!

This is all about brand building! The more you build the brand of Lawn Care Innovations, the bigger you will grow.

Make sure you let them know about your military background and that you know how difficult deployment can be on a family. The more they know, the better the human story and the better it will connect with the viewers.”

When you are building your business and are looking for ways to reach out to your community, you can either leverage your time or leverage your money. You can buy ads in papers or you can perform good will services such as the ones discussed here and then turn them into human stories which hopefully will be reported on in your local news. Also don’t forget to make mention to your good deeds in your marketing material as well, such as your website.
This marketing idea can not only be used for Armed Forces Day, but how about Memorial Day, or Veteran’s Day?

If you don’t have many Veterans in your area, you can always offer to clean up a local park, or roadway. Help an elderly member of your community with a yard cleanup. Or anything else that takes advantage and shows off your abilities as well as brings attention to your business.

Do good deeds and then let everyone know about the good deeds you do!

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