Have you tried marketing your lawn care business at a Wal-Mart Parking lot?

Brian made a post on the Gopher Lawn Care Forum, click on the link to read it. In the post he discussed a marketing strategy he tried where he marketed his lawn care business in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart, by distributing flyer ads onto cars.

Brian said “A Friend who does fencing on the side told me a good tactic for generating sales leads is canvas the Wal-mart/home depot/lowes parking lots.

It makes sense because the stores draw customers from the specific area and they most likely will read it before putting it in thier car. Then they will come across it again to carry inside or keep in thier car.

Another thing too, we have a moderately sized international airport. I am going to go there and flyer those cars. If they travel a lot then they need lawn care most likely or they can afford it!

The good thing about parking lots is they have a good turn over of customers in a shjort period of time constant traffic!

I had 5 calls today from my local Wal-mart, I did a test run of about 350 flyers before it rained!” 

Another lawn care business, Clean Lawn, thought it was a good idea. “Actually I was considering doing the lowes, home depot here in virginia beach myself and never even considered the airport or walmart. I am glad you received a positive response, I think I will also give that a shot. Canvasing is great but I like to try lots of different things and give myself the opportunity to grow more in new areas so I can canvas them too.”

However before you run out and give this a shot, remember there are down sides. Forum member B.L. added his insight to this marketing idea. “I would be real careful of Wal-Mart. They definitely frown upon this sort of thing. Remember the flack they received from preventing the Salvation Army from ringing bells around the holidays? I once saw a lady with a box of free kittens at the entrance. I imagine she got rid of them pretty quick before she got “caught”.

I have another business that has a store front and I know I would be pretty annoyed if somebody parked it in front of the store I pay ridiculous rents for. I may sound like a jerk for this but I certainly don’t let people hangs signs or anything. My jerk response is usually asking if they are going to pay a portion of the rent if I allow it. Well I don’t always say that but I have if the situation demands it.

But my point is that I pay good money to be there I don’t want anything else distracting from what I am there for and thats selling my products/service.”

Troy also added his words of warning when he wrote “I would check with the walmart, airport, and county or city regarding ordinances.  It would be horrible to be thrown in jail or fined for trespassing or littering.”

I share this story with you because some lawn care businesses have tried it and found success with it. Will it work for you? I don’t know, but the more you know, the better position you are in to make an educated guess for yourself.

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If you would like to use this free lawn care business flyer, click on the link to download it. Then you can edit it by inserting your company specific information.

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