Have you forgotten what lawn care marketing methods work?

Sometimes it seems we are so desperate to go big time with our lawn care marketing that we forget the simple steps we took early on that worked. We see other, larger lawn care businesses marketing in a certain manner and we figure it is best to abandon our current marketing methods only to embrace theirs’. It seems by doing this, we are led astray by the flashing lights of going big time and being that big company instead of focusing on what works to get us new customers today on a smaller and cheaper scale. Is your lawn care business guilty of this? Here is a great story, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, of how one lawn care business owner came to the realization he had gone off to follow the wrong marketing path and decided to go back to what he originally done and had worked for him.

He wrote “I feel like I have totally forgotten what worked for me early on for me. I was talking with a friend, who runs a larger lawn care business than mine the other day and he was telling me some of his marketing secrets he uses that keeps him quite busy. He asked me if I tried this lawn care marketing method. He said ‘have you ever focused and I mean focused your marketing on just one spot, with maybe 1-5 miles radius in size?’

His thoughts were that when you market with one time lawn care flyer distribution, most people just toss them in the trash as soon as they see it. But when you see the business name over and over again, who are you going to call when you need such services? The guy who left a lawn care business card/flyer once or the one that you see all the time from constant advertising? He has found that if you are constantly targeting the same small group over and over with your marketing message, it shows the potential lawn care customer that your not a flake. That you are going to be in business next week, next month, next year and so on. Eventually he feels it gives you an advantage over your competition in the area.

To do this, he canvasses the same area about once a month, using a lot of flyers not just to residential customers but also to the local businesses as well. He breaks his marketing areas down to a sq mile and just jumps from one of the areas to the other then starts over when he’s done. From what he told me, his financials speak for themselves as he claims to have made over 100K last year and seems to be living a nice lifestyle.

As he was sharing with me some of his marketing insights, I realized that this is what I had done early on with my lawn care marketing but for some reason I had gotten away from doing it in hopes of reaching out to a broader audience. Now I am kicking myself for not seeing where I went wrong. When I was a younger and started my small mowing business, I owned my entire street. I went door to door to every house on my block and I mowed most of their properties. Each homeowner on my street knew me and had me do work for them from time to time. Obviously at the time I didn’t expand but the same marketing concept seems to work on a larger scale. That whole street was mine and none of my friends could mow a lawn there if their life depended on it, cause they simply wouldn’t be hired.

Now as I am older, instead of just focusing on one block, I need to focus on 1 sq mile of my town. Then when I have exhausted that area I will expand it to another sq mile. You are not going to get everyone, but in the process of staying in that small radius, people will see you all the time. I have 1 landscape truck and trailer and if you see me all the time in that one area you may think that I have more than just the one truck. This would make me look bigger and also that make it seem that I do a lot of work in that area so their neighbors must think I do great work. Besides that, think of the potential you will save in fuel and time costs!

Why do we all tend to stray away from this marketing method? Why do we think we need to send out once a year mailings to everyone in town when we should instead be focusing our methods on smaller areas. Instead of trying to be the big fish in a big market, we should instead focus on being the big fish in smaller markets before we expand to an adjoining market and continue on with this lawn care marketing process.”

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