GopherHaul 14 - Lawn Care Business Entrepreneur Show is online

GopherHaul 14 Lawn Care Business Show Part 1.

GopherHaul 14 Lawn Care Business Show Part 1

GopherHaul 14 Lawn Care Business Show Part 2.

GopherHaul 14 Lawn Care Business Entrepreneur Show Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome to Gopherhaul!
If you don’t start your business this year, you’ll be at least 1 year older when you do so get started today!

Thanks for watching.
Our forum has just been jam packed with amazing business and marketing ideas since our last show and I am in no way going to be able to cover it all now but I do hope to cover a bunch of it. If you want to read more get on the forum at

In this episode we will be talking about:

  • How you can make money in the fall with Halloween decorations.
  • How to use myspace to market your lawn care business and your holiday decoration service.
  • I put up a couple new free lawn care business door hanger templates you can download and edit to fit your needs.
  • Advice on estimating leaf cleanups
    We will announce the winner of our previous shows Door Hanger and Postcard giveaway thanks to
  • We will also be letting you know of a new free giveaway of vinyl signs from Tony of

Let’s start the show off by saying hello to our newest forum member.

Welcome to Scott Bursky

Scott Bursky

He is the owner of It’s a turf website and discussion board from Australia.
He had worked 4 years in turfgrass management in Sydney Australia.
Then later he worked on a golf course for 6 years as a foreman/greenkeeper, Scott said he believes that the internet needed more websites that were turf and lawn care related .
So i decided to start the turf talk website.

If you have a turf question why not ask him!

Get on our forum at and introduce yourself and we will put together a custom animated banner with your company name and phone number. Also don’t forget to add us to your friends list on myspace. You can find us at

GopherHaul Banner

Next up let’s talk about how to bid on a leaf clean up job.
There are plenty of pitfalls when you get involved with fall yard clean ups.
I want to share with you a story posted on our forum.

In his first year of owning a lawn care company. A new customer called to get an estimate for raking the yard and cleaning out gutters. He had several large trees in his yard. Although his yard was covered with leaves more than half of the leaves were still on his trees. Since he had a mulching area to keep me from having to haul off his leaves, he gave an estimate of $150. The customer did not want to spend that much and said that if Keith would do it for $110, he would let me cut his yard next summer. The leaf job went well and Keith collected his money and went home. The next day the customer called to say that Keith had not raked all the leaves and that he needed to come back. Keith explained that the leaves in his yard had fallen after he had finished and that he was not responsible for those leaves. Not wanting to lose the business next year, Keith ultimately went back and did a quick touch up job which took an hour. Keith was then satisfied as it was a big yard and he would get to do his mowing work all the following year.

When Spring rolled around, Keith took his equipment to the customer’s house and was told that someone else had already been contracted to mow the lawn for the season. Keith reminded the customer of the agreement they had and the client said that the other lawn care business was doing the job for $5 less than Keith’s estimate.

WOW Can you imagine that!

Here are a few lessons Keith learned from this customer.

  1. He did not have a signed agreement - You should be very careful about taking a customer’s word that they will let you do their lawn “next season” in return for a cheaper price today. If the agreement is verbal it is very easy for a customer to back out of the agreement.
  2. Price each job as an individual effort - If a leaf job is worth $250 to you then bid it accordingly. Do not let the potential of other work influence your price significantly downward. That other work may never materialize.
  3. Explain to the customer that leaves on the trees are not included in the price - Leaves continue to fall through the entire season. If you contract to do a leaf job, let the customer know that any leaf droppage that occurs after the job is done is not covered under the quoted price.

When Keith consults with new lawn care business owners, he often tell them that leaf pickup is very easy to under price. A job which looks like it should take less than 1 hour can often wind up taking 4 times that long.

This Autumn, when your phone starts ringing with new customers looking to get a great price on leaf management, take extra caution when giving estimates.

One of our friends and forum member Littles Lawn Care and Landscaping told us this cationary tale as well.

Littles said ”When I started my business, I had a property management co. give them a bid on a leaf clean-up job. The yard had 3 large elms on it. I gave the bid of $150 and submitted it in writing. Well it was more than 2 weeks later when they had gotten back to me with the approval , and I told them I will get right on it tomorrw. In that 2 weeks, at least 3 times as many leaves had fallen, which turned a 2 hour job into almost 5 hours. It was a nightmare, not to mention it had rained the few days before. It was awful. This year I am going to tell people the bid is good for 48 hours, and bid accordingly.

You might want to consider a 48 hour expiration on your bids as well.”

Thanks Littles for the cautionary tale.

If you would like to try a free sample of Fluid Film, get on our forum and click on the fluid film button . It will take you to a post and give you the email of Dan Williams from fluid film who will send you out a sample of his product.

If you are looking for ways to make more money this fall, consider letting your creativity flow and offer your customers outdoor halloween and fall decorations. Mix pumpkins, gourds, hay and corn stalks to create a very festive looking residential yard or commercial property.

lawn care business fall decoration

These photos were sent to us from our forum members Glan, United Environment and Five Star Lawn Care. They should get your creative juices flowing. If you create some outdoor fall decorations, please either post them on our forum or send them to us at we’d love to see what you create!

If you need help in marketing your fall outdoor designs we have a bunch of ideas for you.

Lawn Care Business Door Hanger

First off, we created this new halloween door hanger you can download and use. This one is in addition to our other halloween door hanger design as well. You can find hundred of free lawn care logo templates, flyer and door hanger templates as well as lawn care business web templates, and lawn care business contracts, just visit our website at and click on link you are interested in at the top of our website!

Also I wanted to show you some fall marketing ideas some of our friends and forum members have been utilizing.

lawn care fall clean up post card

myspace Fall themed graphics

We have been talking a lot lately about using myspace to market your lawn care business. One of our friends Adam, really has been doing a great job. He was able to utilize one of our free halloween door hanger templates as well as our free halloween lawn care business postcard design and include them in a bulletin he sent out to all his friends on myspace. Myspace bulletins allow you to post a message all of your friends can read. It’s a great way to keep your friends up to date on what you are doing or what new services you are offering.

He promoted that his business can create fall and halloween outdoor decorations for your home or business.

Great job Adam! Very creative thinking on your part!

If you are using myspace to promote your lawn care business, consider this lawn care business marketing idea from Adam.

Here is another marketing idea for Halloween.

This Halloween, if you have trick-or-treaters that come to your house or business. Why not do this.

Take pictures of the kids that are dressed up in costumes. Then when you give the kids their candy treats, include a little business card size ad that is attached to the treat.

On the card tell them you will be picking the best costume and you will be giving an award. It will be posted on your website the following day and in order to find who won, the kids will have to have their parents visit your website. This will give you a chance to have new potential clients review your website.

Maybe then on the website and on the back of the card offer a special on fall leaf cleanup or promote your upcoming holiday lighting services. Give a limited time offer to make them jump on the offer.

Have some kind of gift for the kid or kids. Maybe 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and possibly get some gift cards from a local toy store or something the kids would enjoy.

Then they can be claimed within the next X days. They can send you an email or stop by. Or you can stop by their house and while you are there, give them an estimate to service their property!

You can then send out press releases to the paper that night of the best costume and that you are offering a gift card to the winner. The newspaper might pick up the story.

Now let’s get to the winner of our door hanger and postcard contest!

Eric of Maedgen’s Lawn Care is getting the free door hangers compliments of plan-it

lawn care business
lawn care marketing
How did he win? He used this graphic in a forum signature where he was posting! Nice work Eric! Thanks for promoting GopherHaul.

GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Show

And for our free 1000 postcard giveaway

Josh Armstrong of West Knox Lawns !!

Josh Armstrong West Know Lawns

Josh used the following signature images to help promote all our free lawn care marketing graphics! Thanks Josh!

GopherHaul Lawn Care Entrepreneur Business Show
I can’t wait to see how your door hanger and postcards turn out.

Out of all the thousands of viewers we had for the last show, a lot of lawn care business owners wrote in to win but only Josh and Eric did something to help promote the GopherHaul show. So maybe this will inspire you to be creative and help us promote our show in our next freebie giveaway.

Which leads me too

Tony from has gotten some new equipment

lawn care business magnetic signs

This thing is amazing!

It can print directly onto the vinyl up to about 180 inches wide by about 1000 feet long.

Prints are good for up to 3 years OUTDOOR and more or less unlimited indoors.
When laminated ADD 2-8 years (5-10 years) depending on the lam. used.

All prints Tony sells for trucks, trailers, cars, magnets ARE laminated.

Lamination also protects for: Scratches, Chemicals (gas, etc.), Extends out door life, etc. ”

Now, this is what we have to giveaway this month. For 2 winners.

Each winner will get a set of two 12×24 inch full color magnets signs
OR you can choose not to have it set on a magnet.

How can you win? If you want to keep it simple, just send us an email to or make a post in the forum and say you want the signs.
If you want to get a little more creative, send us a picture of your current truck.
If you really want to have a great chance to win, do something to help us promote GopherHaul.

  1. Make a post about the latest GopherHaul on a forum.
  2. Post the video on your myspace page.
  3. Put the video on your website.
  4. Put a GopherHaul signature image in your forum signature line.

If you need some GopherHaul graphic images, I posted a bunch of them on our forum.
Just go to the Gopher Forum at
Click on the forum link.

GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Entrepreneur Show

Then click on the GopherHaul forum section
At the top you will see a post on how to promote Gopherhaul and you can use those images or make your own or simply use text!

Then send us a link to show us what you did!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Always remember to dream it, build it, Gopher It!

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