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GopherHaul is a show for lawn care operators, small business owners and entrepreneurs. In this episode we are going to be talking about:

-How to stop customer churn and improve your customer retention.

-How to assist a member of the military and get some free goodies from us.

-How can you use high fuel prices as an advantage to gain new customers?

-Check out the GopherHaul toy of the month to help you enjoy yourself more this is the Dixie Chopper monster truck.

-We are going to see a new invention that has come in from a lawn care operator and GopherHaul viewer.

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In each episode we discuss lawn care industry issues. We also Talk about different tips and tricks to improve your lawn care business

This show’s goal is to get you excited about running your business and excited about life.

If you haven’t started your own business yet, what are you waiting for? To paraphrase Warren Miller, If you don’t start your business this year, You’ll be at least one year older when you do. So get started today!

In honor of armed forces day which was May 20th we wanted to reach our to our viewers and let them know there are ways they can help our soldiers and veterans. One of our friends

Rodman owner of PNP Lawn Care has put together a site a great site.

Visit the site and you will learn more about project evergreen.

Lawn and landscape maintenance becomes a definite hardship when a family’s major breadwinner is on active duty away from home. GreenCare for Troops is designed to show the green industry’s concern for this situation, helping
affected families maintain their homes’ green spaces.

We would love you to get involved and help an active or retired member of the armed forces.

Contact Rodman or simply reach out in your community to see if there is a resident you can assist. Take some pictures

and show us what you did. Out of the photos we will pick an lco who went above and beyond to help out a member of the military and we will send them (2 magnets 12×24…2-4 colors for their truck or trailer compliments of Tony From

And A Professionally Produced lawn care business program consisting of Business Tools, Manuals, Start-Up Guidance, Forms, Bidding and Estimating Tutorials, Estimating Calculators, Training Videos and much more designed to help you operate a successful Lawn Care Business. compliments of our friend Keith.

Send your photos to us at

Next up – here is a section we call “Ask Team Gopher”

A question came in from our forum member Gman.

He asked”I am always getting new customers, but then I lose 1. There seems to be a big turnover all the time. Is this

how it is in the lawn biz? Just wondering if this is normal or am i doing something wrong.

I think that I’m offering my service too cheap for the amount of work that I’m doing for all my clients. When I’m there I am always doing a extra small job for every client to improve the yard. And nine out of ten time I’m no charging

anything. I was talking to another lco, and he was telling me that I’m charging way to low. He would charge alot more then what I’m changing for the adverage lawn.”

For answers to how to resolve this we turn to our friend Troy owner of Tiedeman llc. a Central Michigan provider of environmentally responsible lawn care.

Troy say: “Perhaps you just have the wrong type of customers and it has nothing to do with you. Because of how low your price is you are attracting the price shoppers.

Raise up your price and don’t be disappointed that when customers tell you that you’re too much. Don’t expect to land every single account. If you do land every account, then “yes” your prices are definetly too low.”

Let me throw you an examples of different phone conservations that you might have with customers and in the conversations I am going to have what you SHOULD say and do. C=Customer and G=You

Situation 1: G: This is Gman lawn care how may I help you.

C: I am looking for someone to cut my lawn

G: Are you looking for a one cut or seasonal service?

C: I am just looking for a one time cut while my mower is serviced.

G: Well, I am sorry, we do not offer one time cuts. Sorry I couldn’t help you.

Conclusion: Do not take on one time mowers. You will gain nothing from it in the long run. All they want is a cheap

fix, not a long term solution

Situation 2: G: Hello, this is gman lawn service how may I help you

C: How much would it be to mow my lawn?

G: Well, I would have to come out and look at the property first to determine your price.

C: Can’t you give me a ballpark over the phone

G: No, Sorry I can not.

Conclusion: Do not take on a customer that wants an estimate over the phone. Now if they ask you that they would like

you to come over and give them an estimate, then that is a different story.

Situation 3: G: Hello, this is gman lawn service, how may I help you?

C: I would like an estimate for lawn maintenance.

G: Now this is for the entire season, correct?

C; Yes

G: Great. I will just take down your address for I can meet with you for the estimate and to talk about the contract

C; Contract? I am not signing a contract.

G: I am sorry, but all lawn maintenance accounts are required to sign a contract.

C: Forget it then

Conclusion: Why would they want to refuse to sign a contract? More than likely they probably would not be a good

customer that would try to stiff you out of money.

Situation 4: G; Hello, this is gman lawn service, how many I help you?

C; I need an estimate for lawn maintenance.

G; Not a problem, I would be more than happy to give you an estimate for seasonal weekly mowing.

C; No, I just need it mowed every 2 weeks.

G; I am sorry, but we only offer weekly mowing services.

Conclusion: This weeds out any bi-weekly customers lawns that may get super tall and super thick in which you would waste time and money on in the long run

Thanks Troy for the great insight you have to share with us.

To remind us all that life can’t be all about work and no play, Let’s check out our GopherHaul toy of the month.

As your business gets bigger and your profits grow where are you going to spend some of that hard earned money?

Well here is our suggestion

Check out the Dixie Chopper monster truck.

The folks at dixie chopper sure know how to have a good time.

This not only looks like an absolute blast to drive, it also serves as a marketing tool.

It gets the dixie chopper name out to their target audience.

I bet you many people who buy dixie chopper mowers love monster trucks. I know I do.

Now let’s listen in a little to learn about this truck.

What a blast. Great job Dixie Chopper.

Ok so the season has started now and fuel prices are high. How can you use that as an advantage to gain new customers?

Forum member Grounded wrote us with this tip: On your routes that have dead spots, print up a flyer for the neighborhood that could read something like: “Has your current lawn care company tried to impose a fuel surcharge, or have they told you they quit because they cant afford the gas – keep our number handy, Were local!”

Here is a flyer we made and you can download it for free from our site then click on the link to the flyer designs.

With some real effort – this could be a way to get your name out after the season rush has ended. We get calls from “dropped Customers” and they explain that the LCO wants more money because of travel. ”

I have tried this and yes, feedback is great! I can understand hiding a fuel charge in the “per cost/cut” but you cant put a surcharge in a customers face and expect them to pay it!

Thanks for the great tip grounded, I certainly hope other lcos are able to use this idea and benefit from it.

We are always promoting you should experiment and explore.

This episode of GopherHaul we are going to look at Dave Long’s invention the Blademate wrench.

Dave wrote us and said “The BladeMate is a special wrench I invented and patented for changing the blades on mowers.”

Check out this product he invented and then signed an exclusive deal with Oregon Outdoor Equipment Products to sell his invention.

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I’d like to thanks Matt’s Lawn Care Blog for including GopherHaul.

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Thanks everyone for watching the show.

Keep learning and keep making your dreams come true.

Remember always to dream it, build it, Gopher It!

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