Getting in good with people to sell more lawn care services.

You don’t need money to market yourself and gain new lawn care customers if you have spare time. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, harnessing your time to go out and meet people, attend meetings, and become known in your area can be as beneficial and spending money on some other lawn care marketing campaign. Use what you have. If you have more time than money, harness your time. If you have more money than time, harness your money.

One lawn care business owner wrote “are you starting a new lawn care business? Do you plan on mowing government properties, commercial and industrial? Here are some ways to help you get to the right people, and be in front of your competition.

I’d advise you attend as many or ALL local meetings on emergency services, property awareness, economics and lawn care/landscaping. All cities hold meetings daily, weekly and monthly that are open to the public that you can attend. If they aren’t open to the public, you can get a transcript as soon as 24hours after the meeting, so you can read into it and know all rules and regulations.

Due to certain situations my lawn care company recently had to relocate to a new area, quite a distance away from where I used to live. Before I moved I had 57 contracted residential lawn care customers that I had to let go of last at the beginning of this year so I could concentrate in my new service area. When I got here I heard about a ‘Safety Standard’ that the local police department does. I went up and picked up all of the information available, read it and submitted a pamphlet to the PD so if they needed to recommend a company that can do the ‘Standards’ to other apartment complex’s I know the rules in and out.

How to sell more lawn care services.

How to sell more lawn care services.

This landed me a ‘City Certification of Compliance’ that got me into the database for the ‘Emergency Contact Number Sheet” that is mailed to all business (commercial / commercial-resident / Industrial) complex’s in my county. That is nearly 75,000 businesses in one county all have my direct information.

This has entailed three cities in the county to contact me to let me know I NEED to apply a bid submission to the parks and recreation offices, along with all city buildings (Court houses, Fire Departments, Police Stations, etc). Those alone can total more than $2.3million dollars in new revenue for this new season. After looking into it and talking to a few friends, I realized I don’t have enough equipment to handle mowing a 23 acre city park, nor do I have enough man power to handle them in a 2 - 3 day process. I need to get more equipment and staff.

One friend told me I could submit that I can put into my contracts that i will need ‘X’ amount up front to buy additional lawn care equipment and train employees specific to these jobs at hand.

Along with attending local/city/state meetings, you can also attend  many home owners association meetings, and chamber of commerce meetings. Talk to ALL of the realtors in your location, find out if they need a foreclosure mowing, or if they are taking bids on them? Hit all of your local apartment complexes with a small goodie bag for the ladies in the office. Drop a box (or a few) of doughnuts at the city zoning office with a folder of information and leave a small pile of cards on the counter.

Marketing your business is the ONLY way you will bring in income. Make sure more people know you, than you can remember. Always make sure you check in with anyone you have seen… never let them forget you.

I have attended about 9 Safety Services Meetings, City and County meetings. I have shown up to some meetings and not been able to get in, someone would walk out for a bathroom break, and I would walk in in their place. I have attended about 30 Home Owner Associate meetings just to meet decision makers. I have been to Chamber of Commerce meetings, and not been part of the Chamber yet, just to meet other local business owners.”

A second lawn care business owner said “this is a good example of if you are waiting around for the phone to ring, you have too much free time on your hands that you need to harness. Getting out and meeting with people will help improve your chances of being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes it only takes one good connection to get your business rolling to the next level. The more people that know about your business, the better your chances are of selling!”

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