Fall lawn care leaf cleanup letter also used for gutter cleaning.

I want to thank Gary for sharing with us this fall leaf clean up letter. Before fall comes along, why not send out this letter in your invoices to your lawn care customers. Ask them how you should handle their leaf clean up and also offer other additional fall services like gutter cleaning.

Gary also suggested when bidding out your gutter cleaning, he charges $60 per hour. This should help you when you are estimating your jobs.

Tim suggested another way to bid on gutter cleaning jobs.

Tim said “Your leaving money on the table doing it by the hour.

If you are called to a residential property just for gutter clean out you should be charging by the foot and it should include down spout flushing. $1 a ft and if its 2 story it should be a little extra for the height. ALWAYS PRACTICE SAFETY WHEN WORKING OFF LADDERS AND ON ROOFS, AND INJURY CAN TAKE YOU OUT OF THE GAME COMPLETELY, COSTING YOU MORE THAN MONEY.
If your doing a fall clean up,(leaf clean up and removal) gutter clean out should be included. Plant beds are not extra either, they are a part of the lawn.

These are common practices with-in my area.”

Steve: “Very interesting! So when you give a bid for a fall yard cleanup, do you include a line item that shows gutter cleaning and a price for that? Do you include another line item for plant beds? Or are all these included into one price and it isn’t broken down at all?”

Tim: “We here by propose to; clear all lawn and plant bed ares of leaves to the best of our ability. Clean and flush all gutters and down spouts as follows,

Fall Lawn Clean Up $$$$$$
(All lawn and plant bed areas)

Gutter Clean Out $$$$$$
(Cleaning and flushing all gutter & down spouts)

Total Due $$$$$$

If the customer bulks at the gutter charges then explain to them the importance of having them cleaned out. Most will go for it.”

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Dear Valued Customer,

With Fall nearly upon us, and assuming you have trees in or near your yard, leaves will soon be falling and covering your lawn. Since Fall Clean-up is not included in our basic service, we need to find out how you would like to deal with leave removal.

We can either:

1. Mow as usual, mulching the leaves back into the lawn, allowing them to break down

naturally at no additional charge or;

2. Rake, bag and dispose of the leaves.

If you wish to have the leaves removed, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote.

Don’t forget to ask about our additional services.

  1. Gutter Cleaning

  2. Hedge Trimming

  3. Flower Bed Weeding

  4. Power Washing

  5. Brush Removal

  6. Bush Hogging

  7. Storm Cleanup

  8. If you need a home or lawn service that’s not listed, give us a call.

As always, thank you so much for your business and please call us at any time for any reason.


Your Name


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