Create your own blinking light lawn care business card holder for your truck.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you were out with your truck and you parked somewhere, your truck could help you sell? Sure if you get some signs on it, people may write down your contact information. But what if you had a lawn care business card holder on your truck? Then to make it even more eye catching, what if you attached a blinking light to it? This is one heck of a creative marketing idea that an entrepreneur developed and shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I recently bought a lawn care business card holder for my truck. These holders are very nice. You can get them with or without a window hook, and they come in several different colored lids. I feel the yellow REALLY ‘pops’ so I chose that one. Even though it was pretty eye-catchy, I was trying to think of ways to draw more attention to them when I was parked, and I remembered that we have about a dozen of those coin sized ‘blinky lights’ used for walking the dog in the evening. So as an experiment, I clipped one onto the window hook, and it works great for getting noticed! To test it out, I did some shopping tonight, and you could see that light blinking all the way across the parking lot.

Lawn Care Business Card Holder For Truck

Lawn Care Business Card Holder For Truck

I also had an idea for a removable lawn care business card holder for a truck that didn’t require a window hook. I wanted a way to mount a card holder on the BACK of my truck so it could be seen by people walking by, but I didn’t want it to be there all the time. In place of double sided tape, I used some self adhesive Velcro hook and loop fastener material. I placed the hook part on the truck glass, just above the handle. It really works fantastic as well.

Using velcro makes it really easy and fast to place it where you want it for maximum effectiveness. If I’m parked near a cart return in a store parking lot, I just slap that sucker onto the body panel closest to where the people returning carts will see it.

Most hardware stores carry them, or ones like them. We got most of ours at pet stores, and as handouts at pet-related events.

Most have a clip on the back to slip the light onto your belt/pet’s leash, so I just used the clip to attach it to the window hook. (not while driving) The on/off button is located on the back, so it would be tough to glue it on permanently unless you could position it so the switch were accessible.

I can’t really comment on the effectiveness of the card holders with or without the light, as I haven’t really been out and about much lately for anyone to even see them.

Lawn Care Business Card Holder For Truck

Lawn Care Business Card Holder For Truck

This evening my wife wanted to stop in a craft store, so while she did her thing, I wandered around looking for items that I could utilize in some way for business promotion. I found more blinky lights. These were in the St Patty’s Day section and they are green, plastic shamrocks that have a little flashing LED light inside. They are actually earrings, so I can either use the hook to attach to a card display, or remove the hook and tie it on somehow. I figured they were green, so that ties in with lawn care, and they were only $1.24/pair, so it’s not like I’m out a bunch of money or anything.

I also picked up a set of cool multi-color LED gadgets that allow you to choose what color of light is emitted, including a random changing setting. Not sure if I’ll use them for this purpose or not though.

Also, while in the grocery store, I noticed these magnetic photo sleeves marketed for placing photos on your refrigerator. They were on clearance for $1, so I picked up two of them thinking I may be able to print a small sign to slip into them that could be placed on the truck.

Lawn Care Business Card Holders For Your Truck.

Lawn Care Business Card Holders For Your Truck.

The funny part is that the hooks for the earring work perfectly. The business card holders come with three tiny holes across the bottom for drainage and the earrings can slip right in. I just saw an ad for them at a local dollar store, so I may pick up a few more as spares.

Since using these lights I have noticed more people taking cards when I have the green shamrock blinking lights attached, even during the day, go figure!

I can’t wait to get my lawn truck windows lettered, because something that says ‘take a card’ isn’t enough to grab the attention of the right people, but coupled with information telling them what the ‘card’ relates to will make these card holders even more effective.”

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