Crazy lawn mower hauling stories.

Most all of us take our personal safety seriously when we get into a car. Before we even start the engine, the first thing we do is buckle up. But it seems a lot of times, there is a disconnect when it comes to carrying equipment or materials. The same level of importance isn’t put on ensuring the load is solidly attached to the truck or trailer and that the hauling capacity isn’t overloaded. As we will see here in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, many accidents and fines can be easily avoided with a little foresight on the driver’s part.

One lawn care business owner wrote “today as I was driving home, I came upon a van on the road hauling lawn equipment. It was a Plymouth Voyager with a riding lawn mower, trimmer and ramps tucked inside. I had to take a picture. I tried to catch up to the man and woman driving to ask if this was a business or just going to a family member’s house to cut their lawn. There was too much traffic. The mower looked like an older rider. I couldn’t believe that they got the mower in there and were able to haul it around. As you see they can’t shut the door so they tied it down with a rope.

Hauling a lawn mower in a van

Hauling a lawn mower in a van

Ingenious or doing what you have to do to survive or find work. I give them props for doing it their way.”

A second business owner said “we have a law enforcement division here in my area called highway traffic enforcement. Basically they look for things like this. They might let a home owner off but if you are a business, that vehicles would be parked and the owner would be facing a very stiff fine and would lose points on their drivers license.

This past Thursday, they seemed to be everywhere we went. We even get stopped and checked to ensure, for example, the tracks and carriage of the excavators are clean of any soil or rocks that might fly off. And may the good lord help you if you are caught hauling anything in a trailer that does not have a tarp, things like soils, brush etc.

It can be a PITA but it’s all about safety.”

A third added “that is much safer than what happened in front of me over the last 2 years.

I can remember being at a stoplight and truck in front of me had a brand new mower in the bed. The light turned green and the truck took off, leaving the mower behind. The mower was in neutral and the tailgate was down.

A second time I was driving down the freeway at around 7 pm wen I noticed a truck coming down the on ramp pulling a trailer. It was a 1/2 ton pickup with a dual axle and 16 foot trailer. I decided before he was on the interstate that he was going to wreck and I was not disappointed. First of all he was OVERLOADED. He had a forklift on this trailer weighing 9k plus pounds. The trailer probably only had 3,500 lb axles.

The driver merged way too fast and the tires rolled and started the trailer to swaying. Then came the fish tail. Then he ended up nose first into the rock wall with the forklift laying on it’s side 15-20 feet down the interstate from the truck. Luckily no one was hurt.

People just don’t realize the damage that can occur when towing or hauling equipment. No one thinks anything bad will ever happen. But I have seen it and it can get bad. People need to be a lot safer on the roads. Think the next time you haul or tow something questionable.”

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