Bright idea for snow removal when you don’t have a truck?

There are a lot of creative people out there and none are more creative than entrepreneurs. Business owners can usually find a great way to get around an obstacle to keep their business moving forwards. But when is a creative idea going a little TOO far? When does an idea go from being plausible to being impractical. Let’s take a look at this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and see if this snow removal idea is something you would ever entertain.

One snow removal business owner wrote “while I was driving to the store I was thinking about this upcoming snow storm we are predicted to get and I had a bright idea.

I thought back to December of last year when my area received 22 inches of snow and I lost several clients due to not being able to get out for several hours from being snowed in myself. I don’t own a truck nor have access to one. I hand shovel and use a snow blower on all my clients driveways.

Several weather sites online and the local news is calling for 12-18 inches of snow starting tomorrow night for my region. Regardless if I park in my driveway or on the main road, I am still stuck until the town plows the roads. This could be whenever and when they do, they will probably block me in again with a wall of snow. That’s when I begin to panic and relive losing those customers all over again.

So here is my BRIGHT IDEA…… I own a pair of skis and everything needed for skiing. The boots, bindings, ski’s and poles, ski goggles, snow suit, the whole 9 yards for skiing. Now I won’t be able to utilize my gas powered snow blower when doing this, however, if I am snowed in and can’t drive anywhere…… I could put my skis on and tie a rope around my waist. The other end of the rope could be tied to to a sled with my shovel and a bag of salt in it and do cross country style skiing to the customer’s property.

I calculated the distance to the several clients I know will want snow removal. 1 is about 1 mile away and 3 others within 1/2 to 1/4 mile away. Average walking speed is 3-4 mph if i can average that or better. I could take me at most 20 minutes or less to arrive at each location. I would also need to carry my boots with me but I may just remain in my ski boots.

Ok the pros of this ideas is that I would be mobile and will get tons of exercise.

cons: I do not own a sled. Not sure on the rope. I think I have tow rope for a car in the basement. Worse comes to worse, I tie the rope to a snow shovel and drag it behind me and that’s it.

My fiance thinks I am out of my mind. My daughter told me ‘daddy you are crazy.’ But I am thinking this just might work as a worst case scenario.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I will say this is a good idea but it has a couple of kinks. One is do you have downhill skis or cross country skis? If you have downhill skis, you will have quite a work out. Just try it around the yard a couple of times and you will see what I mean. They simply aren’t designed to do what you want to do. If you have cross country skis, you’re one step ahead of downhill skis.

My main concern would be the weight of the sled. It’s going to be tough just pulling it. I would give it a try in your yard, before you make any commitments.”

A third added “that is insane!!!

Just imagine wearing all your winter gear, hiking to your first customer, preparing to shovel. After you’re exhausted, the next thing on your list is the hike to the next customer and repeat.

Your idea could work I suppose, but you’d be in hell for the most part. Imagine having a horrible nights sleep, then having to do all of this activity?

Don’t forget, you’d need to bring a few snacks and beverages. Without them, you’d be fatigued in seconds. Also, once you get wet, you are wet until the work day is over.

Imagine when you do finish work, wouldn’t it feel like a waste of time heading back home? It’d be tedious! When I’m done with work, I wanna get home a.s.a.p! You’d be out there like a champ for awhile!

If I were you, I would look into upgrading your car for a truck.”

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