Are you offering organic lawn care services?

There has been quite a bit of talk about offering organic lawn care services on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. From what everyone has been saying, the profit margin on offering the service makes it worth while. Another great point is that you don’t need any sort of chemical applicators license to do this so you could indeed get started offering these services today.

One of the forum lawn care business owners started the conversation off by saying “you really need to get into natural organic lawn care. I did a job this morning where I fertilized, enriched the soil, and aerated the lawn using the Nature’s Magic products (Aerafy, Nature’s Magic, and Dethatcher).

Organic lawn care services

Organic lawn care services

My material costs were $102.00 and my labor was $30.00. Including travel I spent 2 hours. I bid the job at $408.00 ($24.00 per 1,000 sq. ft.). After material and labor I grossed $337.00 or $118.50 per hour!

I have 5 similar jobs for tomorrow. They are smaller lots but the same $24.00 per 1,000 sq. ft. price. I get 50% down with each order and balance on completion. Jobs I did last week got me 4 of tomorrows jobs. The results are that striking and the neighbors are actually pre-sold.

I have only been using these products a few weeks and I am adding a service truck next week just for spraying!”

“I was telling my better half about what y’all have been saying about this spaying deal. I told her that I think the sketter spray would sell around here good. I don’t think I could get what yall have been getting as of profit, due to the fact we have had so many factories closing around here in the past few years, a candy factory, tire factory closing down and now P&G is talking that they need help and are gonna cut back 300 jobs. But I still think it would go good around here. I sure got my thumb out for this band wagon.”

“This product sells itself and the results are striking and the performance tested, we are getting a tremendous amount of word of mouth jobs. I charge the same rate per 1,000 sq. ft.

Currently I keep two full time and one part time person spraying, a couple of weeks ago we added a four month spray program which I believe is necessary to get the maximum results from this product.

It costs so little to get into and the profits are light years ahead of mowing and it’s fairly easy work, requires some self education and make sure you do so before you start selling, we run into organic gardeners on a regular basis and they will quiz you.

The big thing I get is “many national companies advertise organic lawn care, what sets you apart?”, I personally love this question. Natures Magic is not organic Based, it’s 100% certified organic.”

“Do products like this fall under typical restrictions? Do they require specific licensing? Or not since they are organic?”

“Both the EPA and the FDA classify these products as food sources. There are no restrictions or specific licensing required. I post the MSDA (Material Safety Data Sheets) required by OSHA on my website and carry copies in all my vehicles. I have been checked!

I offer a 4 spray plan. I offer a 15% discount for repeat sprayings. $34.00 per 1,000 sq. ft 1st application and $28.90 per 1,000 sq.ft. and for subsequent applications. I also give either Lowe’s or WalMart Gift Certificates for purchasing referrals. 1 referral=$10, 2= $20, 3=$30, 4=$50 and=$100.

Present customers are really going after the $100.00 card and the profit makes the “gift” easy to give. And, I am checking to see if it could be used as an advertising deduction.”

“Thanks for the info. I have been thinking of adding organic lawn care to my list of services. I already have the FIMCO sprayers. There definitely is a market in my area for this. I am going to educate myself on this stuff.”

If you have further questions about offering this service, make sure you get on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and ask.

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