An easy way to change ztr mower blades.

ZTR mowers can be really heavy and they are tough to get underneath in a way that provides you enough room to get the blades off. That was the topic that came up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. A member asked “Does anyone have a simple way of changing their ztr mower blades? I know they make jacks but I am looking for a cheap alternative. Currently I’m using some car ramps to get underneath, but I just don’t have enough clearance under there to make this an easy job. It takes me about 30 minutes to get this job done.

An easy way to change ztr mower blades

An easy way to change ztr mower blades

This last set of blades was put on by the dealer, when he put on the striping kit. He must have gone with the mfg recommendation of 75 ft/lb of torque. I can’t get the OFF for the life of me. The angle is awkward and the wrenches that are too short, there is no leverage. I guess its off to Sears to buy a big ass long wrench. I don’t have an impact wrench. Even if I had one, I don’t think I’ve got the machine up in air high enough to work with one.”

Another lawn care business owner suggested “I’ve found that I can utilize my trailer ramp as my ‘jack’. I can ride up the ramp as if I were loading the mower, but this time, hang one front wheel off the side of the ramp so that I’ve got visibility and able to move around under the deck. I’m sure one of the jacks that are specifically designed for the these mowers would be easier/ safer, but so far, the ramp has worked well for me. It makes it pretty simple. There are no jacks, or car ramps in the way, it’s all open underneath to work on the blades.”

Changing mower blades step 1

Changing mower blades step 1

Changing mower blades step 2

Changing mower blades step 2

Changing mower blades step 3

Changing mower blades step 3

Changing mower blades step 4

Changing mower blades step 4

Changing mower blades step 5

Changing mower blades step 5

In response, the member said “The trailer idea is AWESOME. I feel like a fool for not thinking of that. Another problem is my blade bolts get so tight even an impact wrench won’t break them loose without full air pressure in the compressor. I have thought about “anti-seize”, but life sure would suck if they came loose!”

One of our members who is also a lawn mower dealer shared “anti-seize works. I have been using anti-seize in the shop for about 15 years and have NEVER EVER had a blade come loose from it. Anti-seize is the best things you could ever put on the threads. Better than oil, grease, or anything else.”

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