American flag marketing for your lawn care business.

This presidential election has brought out a lot of interest from the public. More people are paying attention to the debates than ever before. This led one entrepreneur to wonder if the patriotic surge going on around the elections could be used to help sell more lawn care services. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, he asks if his marketing idea would be worthwhile to try. Maybe this idea or a variation of it could help you gain more lawn care customers too.

One lawn care business owner wrote “with the presidential election just around the corner, I was thinking about a way to market my lawn care business and some how tie in the American flag. I feel it would not only be a good marketing idea but also a way promote pride in our country. Maybe after the elections, this could be done twice a year (memorial day and 4th of July).

The idea would be to promote 10% off lawn mowing services to customers who put up an American flag in their yard or on their house. Has anybody done anything like this and do you think this would be a good idea? Also would the 10% off be too much or should I offer some other incentive. This is my first season mowing and any input would be much appreciated.”

A second lawn care business owner said “the flag flies out on my porch, unfortunately I’m the only one on my block. Id like to say this is a good idea but truth is, there are so many ignorant people with different views about everything. If they don’t have a flag already…then I’m sure they are not going to spend more than their 10% saving with you to buy one.”

Lawn Care Marketing With Flag

A third added “believe it or not, there are many reasons that people do not fly the flag on their homes, with the main reason being home owners associations. They can be worse than the government in telling you how you can live.

How about you take that 10% and buy them a flag. I am sure that it will be cheaper in the long run especially if you buy in bulk.

How about you keep the flags and just put them out on those holidays? You can also add a military service flag if you happen to know what branch of service they were in. This would be a good addition to Memorial and Veterans Day.”

A fourth shared “I’m going to be brutally honest;

No one is going to get their spirits up because their lawn guy will give them a discount. Hell…now a good flag costs $20-$40 easily. If they don’t already have one they won’t do it.

I really don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news here at all. This marketing idea is unique, thoughtful, and I respect it seeing as my father was a rescue swimmer for 25 years… but what is it really doing to help YOUR BUSINESS?

Is it going to increase sales? I don’t see anyone getting SO excited about your 10% discount that they go tell all of their buddies to sign up.

Will it boost customer satisfaction? well…probably not that much. To the veterans? yeah, but civilians? They won’t blink twice.

I think your money would actually be better spent on a local paper ad. Now….I NEVER recommend newspaper advertising….but I see potential here. I would try running an ad before these holidays with an incentive to sign up an account with you.

My company works directly with the VA clinic here and on American holidays we offer all kinds of freebies to the veterans. Let me tell ya, I have found that veterans will jump on advantages of any discounts offered to them.”

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