Additional commercial property maintenance services to offer.

A few thousand dollars can often be the difference in making it through your first year of business or not. So often the focus of a new entrepreneur is in obtaining clients when it should be in maximizing the income you can make per client by offering more to them. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, offering more services might be an easier and more successful path to take.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I was reading a lawn care ad the other day and I saw a guy who offers the following for commercial properties along with mowing;

  • Cleaning of the Main, Employees and Rear Entrances.
  • Weekly Sweeping and removal of any debris.
  • Wash and Pressure Cleaning front door and window area once per month to control dust.
  • Empty of Ashtrays and Garbage Cans.
  • Shoveling of the snow in the winter seasons.
  • More.

I thought it was something to consider, I mean it’s a extra money added to the customer’s bill for a small amount of your time. There are a few minor problems however, such as you’d have to arrange where the ‘trash’ goes. Commercial buildings often have their own dumpsters and you would need a spare key. No one wants to travel with garbage and compost dumps will NOT accept garbage.

General property cleanup can be lucrative.

Most apartment complexes have their handymen to do this work, but store fronts and strip malls would probably be interested in hiring a service like this. So much can build off of this too, which is a good thing! Many buildings need spiderwebs and such cleaned off. You could give the building a complete wash for a $1,000 or so.

Weeds often pop out of cracks, you could remove them. Let’s not forget about graffiti! Someones gotta remove it! You could even get up on a ladder and do some detail work on the shops signs. Light-bulbs need to be replaced and the signs need to be cleaned out. Roof fixtures should be secured and maybe some caulking work could be done. A lot of emergency exit doors rust over and maybe you could paint them. Birds often build nests all over the building and in signage. Someones got to remove them, it could be you.

If one were to consider offering these additional services, I would set up a few programs that suit the property’s needs. Then I’d set up a schedule, at what times certain tasks are to be performed throughout the season. I’d probably bill the client normally for these additional services and not demand payment after each task is performed. The client is paying for a program, not a ‘job here and there.’

A lot of new start up mowing businesses are starving for cash and many times they just don’t know how to deal with such a situation. They figure it won’t be too difficult to get a decent amount of customers fairly quickly, but they might be very wrong about that depending on how competitive their marketplace is. If one were to find themselves in a highly competitive area that was very difficult to get new customers, they could instead look to selling more to the customers they have.

Keep watch for additional services to offer.

Don’t limit yourself to a handful of services early on or you may run out of cash. Look around at the different properties you mow. Ask yourself what is keeping this property from looking even better. Be creative. Be imaginative. Then sell that vision to the customer and make more money. Even making money on simple handyman services can make a huge difference in your first year of business.”

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