A newspaper website blog got one lawn care business a lot of customers.

You only have so much time to spend marketing and so much money, so when you do perform different lawn care marketing techniques, you want to make sure they bring you the biggest bang for your buck. The whole point of marketing is to get your message to stand out so that it will be read by your intended audiences. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we will learn a neat lawn care marketing trick one lawn care business owner performed to attract new customers.

He wrote “when most new lawn care business owners get started, they tend to focus on one marketing method and leave the success or failure of their new business up to the response they get from it. This is not the way to go. For instance, if you decide to use lawn signs initially, it’s been my experience that lawn care signs won’t get you calls by themselves. I have been in this business many years and what I have learned is that your lawn care marketing should utilize an approach where you use various mediums.

What kind might you ask? Such marketing method as signs, newspaper ad’s, post online and blog, and truck signage. Think about this, how many times have you stopped to write down a number form a sign and called them? You don’t. The sign creates brand name awareness.

It goes somewhat like this. A potential lawn care customer drives by and sees your sign, sees your trucks looking clean and fresh with vinyl wraps, sees your guys working in uniform, sees your blog on your local news site (I blog for the local paper), then sees you classified ad in the paper or online and they call you instead of your competition because they are aware of your brand. What this does, belive it or not, is it builds trust. The number one seller is trust. Without trust, you won’t get a sale. With trust, you will get many.

Would you let some derelict with a muddy old truck and some guy that looks drunk, work on your house? Hell no you wouldn’t. I’m exaggerating but you get the point and that is what I learned from my years in this business.

With this in mind, I also changed my slogan to instill more trust with the customer. My company slogan now is ‘A Name You Can Trust.’

A secret most lawn care business owners don’t know is that a lot of local news papers have places open for people to blog on them. Most newspapers are constantly in search of people to write good content for them and you can take this opportunity to do just that. You just have to find the place and write to them with a good idea. For example I noticed my local newspaper didn’t have a Home and Garden section, so I emailed them and offered to blog about one for them. I wrote and told them who I was and what I know. The response I have gotten from my newspaper blog has been amazing so far and it has benefited me quite a bit.

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Although one may think there is no immediate return on investment when doing this, as with all marketing, it takes time to build an awareness and trust in your business. People around town, come up to me and say they have seen my blog then my ad’s in the newspaper as well and decided to contact me becuase they already knew I was knowledgeable and knew who I was. With my newspaper blog, I cannot plug my business directly in the article but at the end, I have a writer profile that details my business. I also post picture of the subject I am blogging about. I use pictures of myself and picture with other company items in them. I have gotten a lot of followers on twitter from the blog and cross promote through the blog, twitter, myspace, face book and craigslist. It’s all about building brand name awareness.

I have gotten quite a few responses from my blog. To get ideas on topics to write about, I just use stories from jobs I am currently working on. This week I had a customer hire me who wanted to know why his lawn mower didn’t cut like mine. I took a look at the mower and then tilted it to get a look at the blade condition. Then after looking at the blade, I noticed it was really dull and offered to sharpen the mower blades for him. I took before and after pictures and used them in my blog post. Currently I post once a week.

Another little trick I have picked up is that I also post comments in the discussion section on other local newspaper articles, using my business name as my username! All of my marketing efforts have been working well as I have been getting calls like crazy!

To take this to the next level, now that I have a working relationship with the newspaper, I plan on organizing a community cleanup day of a local park, river edge or something like that. I will look for volunteers to help using press releases through the local papers. I will call it a township clean up day and write about this event in my future blogs!”

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