A mower hour meter tip that can save you thousands $$$.

Most commercial mowers will come with  a factory installed hour meter mower. These meters are very important. They can tell you when you need to change your oil. When your mower will need an overhaul. Most importantly, they help determine the resale value of your mower. Whether you are buying a mower or selling one. The hour meter is very important. But what happens when you leave your mower to sit over a slow period and come back to find your mower meter has added thousands of extra hours!! This is a situation a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum ran into, what problems occured from it and how he resolved it.

He wrote, “today I went into my garage just to start up my mower. It’s winter here and there is about a foot of snow on the ground. I figured I would just start it up. Well the engine didn’t turn over. I was a little concerned so I got a space heater to warm up the garage. Later I went to start up the mower again and it wouldn’t do anything.

I accidently left the key in the ‘on’ position. The battery was dead. That really wasn’t a problem. The real problem was the mower hour meter read like 2,173 hours!!

I had about 146 hours when I put it into storage. What can or should I do???? My new machine is reading like an 8 year old work horse???? What now??? Help!!!”

One lawn care business owner wrote “call your dealership and explain you left the key on and what happened and you want the hour meter reset. They should be able to do it for you. Otherwise the resale value of your mower will be next to nothing.

I have seen this happen on tractors so I know it can be done, but get it done. It is very, very important in your case. A few hours is one thing but 2,000 hours is going to really cost you come the time you sell it.

I suspect you have may have burnt the points out of it by leaving the key on that long. ”

A lawn mower dealer shared “First I will address the points and condenser issue and then I will tell you why you probably don’t have to worry about that in this case.

To answer the question about the points, if your engine has points and the ignition was left on for any extended period of time (and the points were closed), the points are most likely burned up. When the points are closed, it creates a complete circuit that is in essence a dead short. If that is the case, not only are the points probably shot, but so is the rest of the ignition components.

The problem with leaving your ignition turned on is that the dead short will cause your points to burn up and can ruin the coil and possibly other ignition components and wiring. I have seen points welded together as a result of the key had been left on.

I would recommend you not try to fix this yourself. In this case the mower is too new and still under warranty. if you take anything apart, the warranty  will most likely become void. A lot more than just the points could have gone bad. Take it to the dealer and have them service it and explain what happened so they can reset the hour meter.

Not all mowers will experience such issues as their hour meter is wired to the electric clutch. So the meter is running only when the blades are turning. The few hours when the engine is idling is not important. Such mower wirings will keep an accident like you described from happening.”

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