A lawn customer wants a discount and promises to bring me clients.

Once in a while you may run into that one client who fancies himself as a wheeler dealer. He tells you he can get you all this new business if you only give him a discount on mowing his lawn. As we will see from this discussion in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, rarely do these situations work out as they are initially presented to you.

One lawn care business owner wrote “So this real estate agent mowing customer of mine, has been telling people that ‘he knows a guy’ (me) who can do landscaping favors for him. I have cut back the amount of calls I take from him, because 90% of the time it seems like he is just wasting my time and I don’t want to listen to him anymore. Anyway, he’s gotten pretty aggressive when speaking to me, acting as though I’m losing business because I don’t answer his calls on time.

This last call, he tells me there is something wrong with a his friend’s lawn. So just to shut him up I tell him, I’ll go check it out. After getting to the property, I find that he gave me the wrong address! After going back and forth with him on that, I finally get to the right address and find that the lawn is brown on account of the current drought we are in. I tell him there isn’t a thing you can do to make the lawn better right now. There has been no rain, and you are not allowed to water your lawn, everyone’s grass is looking like this lawn.

He says to me, ‘his friend had put some sod, and it’s now dead.’ No kidding, I respond. Then he says, ‘can you just cut out the dead parts and put some topsoil down along with some grass seed? I mean I would even do it for him if I wasn’t so busy, it would only take you 20 minutes at the most.’ And the best part of it all, he wants me to do it as a favor to him.

Well no I can’t! I don’t have time to be going around town. The next time he calls, I have to resist speaking my mind. This guy is not getting my mowing services next year. The deal he had originally offered me was I give him a lower price on mowing his lawn, and he would get me ‘11′ new mowing clients.

I ended up with 3 new customers (including him), all being charged less than my lowest rate. If he hadn’t paid the season off, I would just cut him out of my schedule. I am through giving discounts in exchange for some future dream of additional customers.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “I would just take him out of equation. If someone calls you and wants mowing services, they need to call you directly, and not through him. They need to set up an appointment and be charged the regular rate.”

A third shared “I have dealt with this kind of customer in the past. Every ‘job’ they’d send me was either a person trying to sell a house and they didn’t want to spend any money on their  yard and didn’t care about doing the job right, or it was a person who just squeaked into a house they just purchased and had no money to do anything right. They always ended up being crap charity jobs. I remember thinking I did get quite a few jobs from him but they were all crap jobs that did not pay so it really was not even worth the effort.

I remember getting the same type of phone calls where they always expected me to drop what I was doing for them and act like I had to be working exclusively for them. After a while, I just told the guy straight up that I was too busy and the type of jobs he runs into didn’t work for my business.

I recommended someone else for him and he was cool and understood. In the end I was happy that I never had to deal with him again. I never give discounts anymore in the hopes of getting future jobs.”

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