5 important tips from a professional marketeer.

We can learn a lot from a professional marketeer. They see a lot of marketing concepts all day long and experiment with more marketing in a week than most of us will experiment with in our career. So when they have something to say, I like to pay attention to them. Here a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us his views on what it takes to succeed and what to avoid so as not to fail with your marketing and running your business.

He wrote “first, to anyone who is not a professional designer, try not to play with Photoshop. Instead it’s better and faster to use ready-made templates. I see so many amateurish looking business cards, postcards, and door hangers on a daily basis, it makes me want to pull my hair out. Why design things yourself and when you know there is a wide range of useful designer templates out there.

Make sure all of your marketing material includes your Name, Profession, Business Address, and more importantly your Contact information. A phone number is so much better to include than an email address. And please pick up your phone when they call. If you have space left, include a list of your main services, or use the back to do so. I would definitely recommend adding a coupon code. Everyone loves a deal. Give a few business cards out at a time to influence referrals. One more thing, most small businesses will not mind if you leave a few on their counter, some shops have a board where you can clip them. Take advantage of this.

After signing a new customer up, consider sending them postcard with the greenest grass picture you can find along with a headline that says ‘thank you for choosing us.’ If you are on a tight marketing budget, instead of making your postcards seasonal, you should consider creating generic designs so you can distribute them year round. You can send them to customers you have already worked with to help generate repeat business. However, sending them to new prospects in order to generate new business is great, but frankly it may take time/money before you start to see results.
If you think about how much advertising you come across daily and how much of that you can remember you will realize it is not much. Most advertising is not memorable. Once you realize this you can then safely see how important the message and it’s presentation matters. As a marketer you are always competing with others for customers’ attention. You have to think outside the box in order to be able to grab customers.

Due to the overwhelming amount of stimuli we are presented with each and everyday, we are now trained to block advertisement, but smart marketers still find ways to reach us. Humor works almost everytime, but not everyone can pull this off. Start by doing some investigation, see what others are doing and try to beat them at it. Do not be afraid to be bold (as long as you are not being offensive).

Although there are a few mistakes that are common to most businesses, every company is different and what makes one fail does not necessarily apply to the other. I have seen my fair share of successes and failures with the different businesses we serve. Instead of giving reasons why, I believe, most businesses fail, I would rather give advice that could help avoid being in such a situation:

- Do one thing, extremely well, then you can move onto more tasks. It is really hard to be the best landscaping company and the best construction company in town. Focus on what you can do best and do it better than your competitors. There is a reason all wine makers do not produce beer.

- If your service or product is not truly different from others, you can beat competitors in areas such as customer service. Sad to say that most of us are used to bad customer service to the point where if you give a little extra your customers will greatly appreciate it. All things being equal, I would rather buy anything from the people who ask me how my weekend went, than the ones who do not.

- Talk more about your business, and find smart ways to promote it. Most small businesses cannot spend a lot of money to market themselves. You don’t need to pay anyone to talk. Besides, people need what you provide and you should be excited to tell them. If you cannot buy business cards, trade to get free ones. If you cannot pay for a website, get one for free. If you cannot pay for radio ads, call your local station and offer them your services instead. There is always a way and you need to find it.

- Spend wisely, and hire smartly. Just because business is booming today, does not mean it will be tomorrow. Treat every penny as if it is your last. When the time comes to hire help, you may feel an urge to go out and recruit your best friends to help them out. But instead try to hire people who can truly help your business grow. When you have enough money in the bank, you can hire people without experience and train them.

- Last but not least, “cheap is the most expensive item ever invented”. You do not need to buy a $2000 computer to start making websites for small businesses, and you do not need to buy a brand new truck to start your landscaping business, but you had better make sure you do not buy the cheapest tools or truck just to save money. Being frugal does not mean take a huge risk.”

Lawn care marketing tips – GopherHaul 67 how to get lawn care customers show.

Lawn care marketing tips - GopherHaul 67 how to get lawn care customers Podcast

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