3 weeks and no new lawn care customers! Why?

Are you struggling with your lawn care marketing? Do you feel that all your energy put into your marketing is just being wasted? The reason why may be in the methods you are choosing to reach out to new customers. Marketing methods tend to work better when they are focused and personalized as we will see in this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Compare what you are doing with these methods and see if they can help you improve your responses.

So I have been sitting here for 3 weeks without a single new lawn care customer. I have been doing my regular mowing jobs but hoping every day for new clients. Yesterday I passed out 50 lawn care flyers and about 700 business cards but I am still waiting for a call. I have also been consistently posting on craigslist every couple of days for several months and not had one call. Every client I have so far came from my local newspaper ad. That’s why I keep running it.

While sitting here I figured I would go over my advertising and see if they can be improved upon.

Here is the ad I run in the local paper.


Lawn mowing, weedeating.

No job too small.

Can this be improved? It’s straight and to the point and thus far this ad has been my biggest money maker. One last thing. I placed all those business cards on cars in local parking lots. Now before you get started I know this is annoying. I hate it when it happens to me but it does put the companies name in my head. Is this a good form of advertisement or just a waste of time and money?”

A second lawn care business owner said “to respond to your lawn care marketing methods, I have to say, no matter what you do, you want to make sure you are applying pinpoint accuracy. You want to market to homeowners who have the decision making powers to say yes to your lawn care advertising message. If you are simply putting business cards on cars in random parking lots, you have no idea who drives those cars. You have no idea if they own a home or if they rent. You have no idea if they are a decision maker or not. So I feel that is wasted time.

One of the most effective lawn care marketing methods I have found is getting customers through referrals. I offer a discount for each referral I get. It’s important to ask for them too. Don’t be afraid to say ‘can you recommend anyone in the community that needs lawn care with whom I could use your name as a referral?’

In my area, word of mouth is very powerful. If you’re good, everyone knows about you and how good you are. On the flip side, if you’re bad, then your business will suffer. This is one of the advantages of working in a smaller city, but it can also be a disadvantage as well.

The second best way for me to obtain new lawn care clients is to load my landscape trailer and cut grass. But I cut later in the afternoon, so I’m around when people start coming home from school or work. Then, when the mowing is done, I simply go door to door to a handful of homes in the area and say pardon the interruption but I’m in the neighborhood and would like to offer my lawn care service…. yada yada yada….

The benefits of marketing this way is  ___

  • Face to face sells better than a lawn care flyer in the mailbox.
  • You’re right there, impulse buys are a huge factor.
  • Your routes are tighter, since you are already in the neighborhood.

I always try to present some kind of ‘offer’ (be it real or perceived) when I go door to door, to create a sense of urgency, such as:
I’m trying to build clients in the area, so I’m offering a discount of X% which makes your rate $__ (this rate however, is what I would charge anyway)

Anyhow, don’t sit around waiting for the phone to ring. If you want more lawn care customers, go knock on a few doors and get them.”

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